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The Looney Looney Looney Bugs Bunny Movie

June 8th, 2011 | By QGODFEAR

I thank GOD for opening our eyes and sharpening our discernment unto the deceitful craftiness of the evil one and his Earthly Powerful Hollywood followers. Do Not close your minds off to the TRUTH and merely only except what is comfortable or “safe”. Spiritual Warfare is a daily battle we all are engaged in whether you know that or not.

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Looney, Looney, Looney

So they say we are all in different Generations: X, Y, Z??? Who thought of this? Well in watching a “movie-CARTOON” called Looney, Looney, Looney, Bugs Bunny movie with my 3-year-old daughter that was aired back in 1981, when I WAS ONLY 9-years-old tells me that regardless of what “Generation” we are in; the enemy, devil, illuminati, satin, lucifer is HERE and always has been HERE.

As a parent, I could not believe that this movie is still airing on a PREMIERE network!!! However, Am I shocked? No, because that’s their job and association!!!

I thought it was going to be an entertaining movie for my daughter however; it ended not being so entertaining when a character Yosemite Sam makes a deal with the devil to send Bugs Bunny to hell, now how corrupt is this? And what type of message is this for children?

The more I watched the more angry I became and this is still airing?? 30 YEARS??!! Now what does that say?

Listen, hear and be aware of your discernment, because more than likely it is always right!!! As for my daughter she has the spirit of GOD in her as all children do and movies, cartoons and reality shows will be here to “influence” lives, but, it’s also a “reminder” to keep watch and never under estimate what the enemy’s job is. As parents we need to stay vigilant and keep GOD close in these last days and times


Act 1: Satan’s Waitin’Yosemite Sam courts Granny with evil intentions for the $50,000,000 she has inherited, but Bugs overhears his scheming and thwarts Sam under the guise of another suitor and later Granny herself. In the end, Sam dies after being crushed by a safe that Bugs drops on him and lands in Hell. Satan offers to give Sam another chance in life provided he sends someone in his place. Sam agrees to this and, as a Roman guard captain, a Saudi Arabian, and in his usual cowboy guise, attempts to kill Bugs. His attempts are unsuccessful, but when Satan offers him one more chance, Sam denies stating Satan should get the rabbit himself and decides to stay – Via Wikipedia.com