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October 29th, 2019 | By QGODFEAR

Jeremiah 29:11
For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

As we grow spiritually, we must know that we will never be sinless. But the goal should be to sin less. The daily goal should be, to become less of self, and more like Christ. If we are moving in any other direction than that of Christ, is considered Anti-Christ.

With that pill swallowed, I must personally admit that about 10 years or so ago I harshly judged Kanye West. I remember during this one particular event, I stated to the congregation “After I purchased “The College Dropout” cd by Kanye West, I noticed that after listening to the hit song “Jesus Walks”. Jesus did not walk much further beyond that song”

After stating this I felt correct at that time. Now as I have grown, I must apologize to God for putting negative energy into the air like that. I had no clue of the work that God was doing inside of Kanye West. I did not, nor do I
(At this time) personally know Kanye West, so how could I make such a statement?

Arrogance? Thinking I know it all, because I personally and intimately know Christ? I’m not exactly sure why, but on today I am humbled enough to ask God to forgive me. As of today, I have listened to Kanye West’s latest project “JESUS IS KING” for the 4th time. I appreciate Kanye’s transparency in reducing self, as God is clearly glorified on a scale unlike Gospel Rap has ever been.

Kanye’s secular career has brought him several MTV Music Awards,Grammy Awards and American Music Awards, amidst millions of record sales worldwide. So for him to sincerely (I feel) admit that he was lost, and is now found in Christ Jesus, is a kingdom victory. I thank God for taking what Hollywood (Satan) held captive, and commanding the following words into action “Harm not my anointed and do my prophets no harm, and Loose that man satan and let him go” Praise Jesus!

God Bless Kanye in his Christ Walk, his Sunday Services, his followers, and his future. I feel Kanye is on the right track for real 2x. Never stated that Yeezus was Jesus, but through this new Body of Work, I clearly now see Jesus walking! One Love…

Please click below and take a listen to “GOD IS” from Kanye’s latest project “JESUS IS KING” as well as his Los Angeles Sunday Service. May you be blessed!

No-MALICE from group The CLIPSE Exposes his Faith in Christ!

March 7th, 2012 | By QGODFEAR

When I first saw No-Malice formerly known as MALICE from the World Wide known, Pharell Produced Rap Group the Clipse expressing his Love for Jesus and his reverence for GOD, I was moved simply because this is clearly the spirit of GOD moving on the hearts of his children. One minute were believing the “hype” of chasing money for no other reason then having it and having the “it’s all about ME attitude” to being changed, reformed, and renewed.

I truly understand the “I gotta BALL or Fall” frame of mind as all who know me, knew this was once my thinking. I would come home high, park my 300ZX Turbo, or my Lexus SC, with fat pockets, women all around me, I was hustlin, and kept a good corporate job as proof of income. I was hood rich so to speak and felt I had it all but deep inside my Soul I still felt thirsty. Needless to say, My soul needed a “Soul Quenching” relationship with GOD through his son Jesus that only comes when you ask him, and begin seeking after him.

My barber and I recently had a conversation along these lines that went something like this “Q honestly I cain’t tell you when the last time I read the bible, and most preachers is up there preachin and sweatin just to get a dollar out the congregation’s pocket anyway”. I then told my barber ” At this point it’s not about diving into the bible and walking through this life like your holier than thou, but it’s about Thanking God, that you woke up this morning, Thanking God for those hands to cut hair, and the ability to make money and feed your seed, and as far as the preachers that may preach for money, that’s not me, If I wanted to really make money, I would not be rappin about Jesus! I know what to say to really get money out here. I just know who(God), what(Holy Spirit) and where(Intimacy with Jesus) saved me and I could never turn my back on that”

Please watch the video of NO-MALICE speaking on his change, and listen to NO-MALICE spittin a verse to Mary, Mary’s smash hit single “GOD IN ME” on www.qgodfear.com

Please visit No Malice on his site at


May the Blood of Jesus cover NO-MALICE on his quest for his eternal crown of glory!