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May 21st, 2012 | By QGODFEAR

To the Uncertain, Doubtful and/ or NON-Believers of God’s only begotten Son Jesus Christ!


I would not personally be able to say so unless I’ve experienced Demonic encounter. I have never and plan on never going to Hell, but have come eye to eye with a Demon.

Now for the average person just tryin to come up or pay some bills, this seems extreme or over the top right? But let’s look at it this way… We will all die some day and for some, unfortunately TODAY is that day in which you will meet Christ or Satan. There is NO GREY area here or No Middle ground resting place. One day you will truly meet Christ or You will meet our life long mental deceiver Satan. My question to all mankind is WHY WOULD YOU RISK YOUR ETERNITY?, aka YOUR ETERNAL FUTURE? by thinking “ Ahh Religion is a mess OR QGODFEAR is trippin, OR Man whatever Dawg, it ain’t no Heaven or Hell, OR GOD ain’t neva did nuthin for me, OR Christian Pastors be rippin people off, OR my current Religion is enough for my Peace right now and forevermore. THESE ARE ALL SOME OF THE LIES AND EXCUSES from whispering evil spirits that come to Steal, Kill, and/or Destroy YOU. This belief will end your Body and Soul down in Flames that you will not truly know is real until it becomes your ETERNAL HOME in which there is NO WAY OUT! This life is your choice..

Take the first step TODAY and ask JESUS right now, to come unto you and show you that he is real. Be not afraid, open your heart and say these words right now, “Lord Jesus I am a Sinner, and I come to you right now and ask that you forgive me for my Sins. Please show me that you are real GOD, set me free from the burdens of this world, Free my mind body and Soul from Hell Lord, Open my eye’s to see the truth, and give me the discernment to know right from wrong. Reveal the Soldiers that are for me, from the Snakes that are against me GOD, Show me your way, Your Light, Your Love, Your Mercy, Cover me in the Blood of Jesus Lord & Never leave me God, and please keep my Soul from Hell by any of your means necessary” Pray this everyday and add to it if you like, but remember to have FAITH that GOD will bring you what you are asking him for. Prayer is what moves GOD’s army into Action & HOPE with FAITH will activate the miracles in your life. Lastly, DO NOT play with your eternity as you will surely enter the gates of Peace or the Gates of Hell oneday.

Please watch the video below about Bill Wiese’s experience “23 Minutes in Hell”. Also please read about Mary K. Baxter’s experience by Clicking Here!, MARY K. BAXTER “A Divine Revelation of Hell”


January 13th, 2011 | By QGODFEAR

Please Watch this 3 Part Series on www.GODFEARMOVEMENT.com where Sid Roth interviews Mary Katherine Baxter inregards to her book “A DIVINE REVELATION OF HELL”. I read this book over 5 years ago and I guarantee if you believe that GOD is the Great I AM, The ruler of this entire Universe, and that his Son Jesus died & rose again for your sins, you’ll know that NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE for GOD to accomplish. Your life will be changed by this awesome spiritual eye opening book. Your Soul will be convicted, and your inner spirit somehow refreshed and renewed. Once again as some of yall do! DON’T GET ME TWISTED! I am not saying that this book alone is mightier than GOD’s Holy Bible, BUT I’ll put my life on it that this book will pull the sheets off of Satan, his fire filled Eternal Hell, his plans for called out “Church folks” who do not execute Ministry commands from GOD, Lovers of their own Flesh, Non-Believers in Christ & more! Open your Mind unto the TRUTH that Jesus has given us through Mary Katherine Baxter in her extremely important read “A DIVINE REVELATION OF HELL” and once again view Part 1-3 of her interview with Sid Roth on www.GODFEARMOVEMENT.com

Part 1

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