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September 24th, 2012 | By QGODFEAR

In 2005 President Bush signed a law that states, We as U.S Citizens do indeed have the “Safe Drinking Water Act” that is supposed to stop anyone from polluting the U.S drinking water supply. However All hydraulic fracturing operations/companies who has business related to oil, gas, or geothermal production activities, are exempt from those federal regulations. So basically no individual will be allowed to pollute our drinking water, but Major Oil and Gas companies can Frack, Drill, and Pollute without charge or penalty!

At the 2:07 minute mark inside the video on Fracking, you will see a map of how widespread this flamable water pollution issue is. In some states the Federal Government has warned residents to stop drinking there water altogether. Please test and filter your drinking water as with each passing day our water seems to becoming more and more toxic. Also please view this link in regards to the “Water We All Drink” below


God Bless You, & Keep you always.