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September 18th, 2015 | By QGODFEAR


Look at how quickly darkness consumes a room, when you turn the lights out…
So when you turn your “LOVE” lights off, darkness fills the space.

Remember, Satan can only do to you, what you allow him to do….
Satan needs you, for without the light (God’s People), there would be complete darkness in this world.
Complete Darkness means HELL!

Without YOU (the light) whom would Satan have to torment, deceive, lie to, manipulate, Steal, Kill and Destroy?
Satan knows for a house divided shall not stand so he and his demons are on one accord, united…

Mark 3:25 If a house is divided against itself, that house cannot stand.

Stand your ground, and let Satan, the enemy not divide you for he seeks to rule you.
Things in life should either make sense and if not it’s non-sense. Endure. One Love!


June 10th, 2014 | By QGODFEAR


Life is not about The Cars, The Clothes, The plush Home, Caviar wishes, and Champagne dreams, The Fame, fortune or the front row seats.
We have been bamboozled for real, to believe that chasing these items will bring us joy or make us complete….The food we eat, the commercialism and consumerism, the greed and need to be better than the next man is out of hand.

I call this the “Wind Chasing” frame of mind. Like late Ruthless Records founder Eric “Eazy-E” Wright stated from his death bed

“The game is designed for them to win…Think im lying? Think Again…They already got a number reserved for you’re a$$…Dont be a fool…enjoying their class.. they want you to enroll in there institution…So they can pimp you with their new form of prostitution..” – Eric “Eazy-E” Wright

Most well to do people whom we know and see around us daily, whether, White, Black, Indian, Latin, Filipino, Japanese or Chinese are merely “Ghetto Fabulous” or below. Believe it or not, the “Elite or 1%” control all of our money, food, air and water and have a huge thumb and one all seeing eye on each of us. Try getting too rich and see what you run into! Satan is the puppet Master behind “Wind Chasing” and has so many of us like Hamsters on a running wheel going nowhere fast.

We were born into a brainwashed society by education being limited or as Malcolm X once eloquently put it after being asked, What do you think is responsible for race prejudice in the U.S.? Malcolm X replied,

“Ignorance and greed. And a skillfully designed program of miseducation that goes right along with the American system of exploitation and oppression. If the entire American population were properly educated—by properly educated, I mean given a true picture of the history and contributions of the Black man—I think many whites would be less racist in their feelings. They would have more respect for the Black man as a human being. Knowing what the Black man’s contributions to science and civilization have been in the past, the white man’s feelings of superiority would be at least partially negated. Also, the feeling of inferiority that the Black man has would be replaced by a balanced knowledge of himself. He’d feel more like a human being. He’d function more like a human being, in a society of human beings”

If we as people….PEOPLE, HUMAN BEINGS no matter of race knew more of where we came from or the struggles and obstacles our forefathers and foremothers had to endure. No matter our race this struggle for survival is a joint effort “collective”. Collective, meaning that all creations, inventions, innovations, advancements or discoveries by whatever race, will be used by us all.

The Stop light, Cotton Gin, Elevator, Electric Trolley, Automatic Gear Shift, to name a few items were created by Blacks. The Automobile, Space Observatory, Chipper Teeth(variant of Saw Chain),Windsurfing, Ice Resurfacer, Video Arcade Game, to name a few items were created by Whites. Papermaking, the compass, gunpowder and printing, to name a few items were all created by Chinese people. My point is that all creations will be used by all races and PEOPLE, to enhance, and advance all of mankind.

I believe that God’s intent on sending his only begotten son Jesus Christ into our world was to show each of us and teach us all how to Love. First you must Love God, then yourself, then others…

Love see’s no color.

If we knew better, I’m positive we would all do better…Know yOUR HIStory not HIS Story, for Only knowledge of self & Love can conquer Hate.


September 24th, 2012 | By QGODFEAR

BOB MARLEY MOVIE/DOCUMENTARY Produced by Kevin McDonald, Executive Produced by Ziggy Marley & Chris Blackwell was probably the most intimate in depth Bob Marley DVD to date. The PRO’s were the never before seen footage and the interviews of Bob Marley’s “Lady Loves” and the impact those relationships had on his wife Rita Marley as well as his children. Rita Marley also clearly understood her position in Bob’s life and how important to the kingdom of heaven there Evangelical Mission for righteousness, and Love through Music was. She stated that she became above a wife, but merely his “Guardian Angel” whom Bob would often call to his room while on tour, to get other women out of his room.

The CON’s of this DVD were definetly how slow the DVD starts off with too many folks speakin on times with Bob with just not enough energy for 2012. Also the Non-mentioning of the speculation on how Bob possibly received Cancer by trying on a pair of boots which had a copper wire inside them, that poked his big toe, which is where the Cancer began. From what I have read online, these boots were delivered to him by the son of a known CIA agent, posing to be with Media from the U.S. Also there was no footage or interviews including hardly any of Bob Marley’s many children, and no mention of the light filled impact his children continue to have in this dark world of “WAR” and “Crazy Baldheads”.

Had this been a GODFEAR MOVEMENT production:) I would have started the Movie / Documentary off with a collage of intimate footage with his family, Live Concert footage, while playing some of his most heart felt & prolific music, aimed at drawing in the young and old to show exactly how colorful Bob was then and still today.

Needless to say Bob Nesta Marley is one of the Greatest, most lyrically potent artists in history that made it to the “Main Stage” touching millions of people’s lives. I feel he truly served his purpose here on Earth from February 6, 1945 – May 11, 1981 as his Music, Spirit of freedom, Justice, Equality and individuality is just as powerful today as ever before! LONG LIVE RASTAFARI!! One Love.