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January 4th, 2016 | By QGODFEAR

Thank you Lord for Blessing Me…..

In spite of our Sinful selves, God continues to have Mercy on each of us by unconditionally Loving us all. He truly wins us over by his Love!
I had this video titled “THANK YOU LORD” sitting on my Computer 95% complete since April 2015, but held on to the feelings of “It’s not Good enough”, “It needs something more”…

God came to me the other day and said “Remember your video for TURN IT UP? You completed that video in Windows Video Creator”
TURN IT UP has over 95,000 Youtube Hits and was the #1 Holy Hip Hop, Gospel/Christian Rap video on Youtube for over 6 Months.
Praise God! Watch it here https://youtu.be/3P-HYLs3Ypg
Needless to say TURN IT UP was all Internet images, was cut and paste, with horrible resolution, but had passion and a real message, still relevant today.

God told me, There are so many people with FULL HD videos, visually and by sound, but have no message truly relevant in todays Spiritually hostile climate.

So on today, may YOUR you, be enough…May YOU do your personal best in 2016 for God, by winning Souls with your God touched strategy inside this Spiritual Mind Warfare!

Remember: THE HARVEST IS PLENTIFUL, BUT THE LABORERS ARE FEW and Only what you do for Christ will last!

Please Enjoy, Be Blessed & Share “THANK YOU LORD” the video, with your friends and family.

The Song “Thank you Lord” is available for Download here: http://www.godfearmovement.com/2015/06/qgodfear-music/
and can be found on QGODFEARs GREATEST HITS Vol.1

God Bless You and Thank you for your continued support!

– John QGODFEAR Chapple