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August 1st, 2015 | By QGODFEAR


God speaks to each of us in his own way. This morning God showed me a vision of a jail cell with rounded bars in front of it, made with hard mud walls. The cell had no way in (just bars, no door) and no way out (once inside). Standing outside the cell within this day dream, I looked above and the cell said JOHN CHAPPLE on top with QGODFEAR written below it on a wooden plaque. The words were written in Black on a lacquered wooden plaque. This represented Hells anticipation on my coming. NO thank you.

This cell obviously was empty as I’m here writing you. God told me to tell YOU that HELL has an eternal Jail cell with YOUR name on it as well.
SATAN seeks to fill those cells with you and I for eternity.

The time is now, to stop playing with fire (Our Sins) ,REPENT and walk wholeheartedly on the righteous path. We all make or have made (In our past) excuses on why we don’t need to Worship Jesus, and how crazy CHRISTians must look and sound.

I would rather yell “THE TRAIN IS COMIN, GET OFF THE TRACKS” and sound like a fool before mankind, then stand inside HELLS jail cell trying to preach my way out, as many are doing right now. Hell is never full, so let go and give in to HEAVENs pull for your souls eternal peace. Jesus is the only way to God and through GOD is the only way to Heaven. Blessings.

John Q. Chapple

Re·pent: verb; feel or express sincere regret or remorse about one’s wrongdoing or sin.

Sal·va·tion: noun: Deliverance from sin and its consequences, believed by Christians to be brought about by faith in Christ.


May 21st, 2012 | By QGODFEAR

To the Uncertain, Doubtful and/ or NON-Believers of God’s only begotten Son Jesus Christ!


I would not personally be able to say so unless I’ve experienced Demonic encounter. I have never and plan on never going to Hell, but have come eye to eye with a Demon.

Now for the average person just tryin to come up or pay some bills, this seems extreme or over the top right? But let’s look at it this way… We will all die some day and for some, unfortunately TODAY is that day in which you will meet Christ or Satan. There is NO GREY area here or No Middle ground resting place. One day you will truly meet Christ or You will meet our life long mental deceiver Satan. My question to all mankind is WHY WOULD YOU RISK YOUR ETERNITY?, aka YOUR ETERNAL FUTURE? by thinking “ Ahh Religion is a mess OR QGODFEAR is trippin, OR Man whatever Dawg, it ain’t no Heaven or Hell, OR GOD ain’t neva did nuthin for me, OR Christian Pastors be rippin people off, OR my current Religion is enough for my Peace right now and forevermore. THESE ARE ALL SOME OF THE LIES AND EXCUSES from whispering evil spirits that come to Steal, Kill, and/or Destroy YOU. This belief will end your Body and Soul down in Flames that you will not truly know is real until it becomes your ETERNAL HOME in which there is NO WAY OUT! This life is your choice..

Take the first step TODAY and ask JESUS right now, to come unto you and show you that he is real. Be not afraid, open your heart and say these words right now, “Lord Jesus I am a Sinner, and I come to you right now and ask that you forgive me for my Sins. Please show me that you are real GOD, set me free from the burdens of this world, Free my mind body and Soul from Hell Lord, Open my eye’s to see the truth, and give me the discernment to know right from wrong. Reveal the Soldiers that are for me, from the Snakes that are against me GOD, Show me your way, Your Light, Your Love, Your Mercy, Cover me in the Blood of Jesus Lord & Never leave me God, and please keep my Soul from Hell by any of your means necessary” Pray this everyday and add to it if you like, but remember to have FAITH that GOD will bring you what you are asking him for. Prayer is what moves GOD’s army into Action & HOPE with FAITH will activate the miracles in your life. Lastly, DO NOT play with your eternity as you will surely enter the gates of Peace or the Gates of Hell oneday.

Please watch the video below about Bill Wiese’s experience “23 Minutes in Hell”. Also please read about Mary K. Baxter’s experience by Clicking Here!, MARY K. BAXTER “A Divine Revelation of Hell”

No-MALICE from group The CLIPSE Exposes his Faith in Christ!

March 7th, 2012 | By QGODFEAR

When I first saw No-Malice formerly known as MALICE from the World Wide known, Pharell Produced Rap Group the Clipse expressing his Love for Jesus and his reverence for GOD, I was moved simply because this is clearly the spirit of GOD moving on the hearts of his children. One minute were believing the “hype” of chasing money for no other reason then having it and having the “it’s all about ME attitude” to being changed, reformed, and renewed.

I truly understand the “I gotta BALL or Fall” frame of mind as all who know me, knew this was once my thinking. I would come home high, park my 300ZX Turbo, or my Lexus SC, with fat pockets, women all around me, I was hustlin, and kept a good corporate job as proof of income. I was hood rich so to speak and felt I had it all but deep inside my Soul I still felt thirsty. Needless to say, My soul needed a “Soul Quenching” relationship with GOD through his son Jesus that only comes when you ask him, and begin seeking after him.

My barber and I recently had a conversation along these lines that went something like this “Q honestly I cain’t tell you when the last time I read the bible, and most preachers is up there preachin and sweatin just to get a dollar out the congregation’s pocket anyway”. I then told my barber ” At this point it’s not about diving into the bible and walking through this life like your holier than thou, but it’s about Thanking God, that you woke up this morning, Thanking God for those hands to cut hair, and the ability to make money and feed your seed, and as far as the preachers that may preach for money, that’s not me, If I wanted to really make money, I would not be rappin about Jesus! I know what to say to really get money out here. I just know who(God), what(Holy Spirit) and where(Intimacy with Jesus) saved me and I could never turn my back on that”

Please watch the video of NO-MALICE speaking on his change, and listen to NO-MALICE spittin a verse to Mary, Mary’s smash hit single “GOD IN ME” on www.qgodfear.com

Please visit No Malice on his site at


May the Blood of Jesus cover NO-MALICE on his quest for his eternal crown of glory!