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July 31st, 2018 | By QGODFEAR

James 5:16
Tell your sins to each other.
And pray for each other so you may be healed.
The prayer from the heart of a man right with God has much power.

Peace and Many Blessings to each of you!
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November 16th, 2011 | By QGODFEAR

This video below is truly captivating with complete regard for the turbulent times we are living in. I have been speaking about this to many folks who personally know me, and those abroad through my music for over 10 years!

“The belly(USA) is full of honey(Assets, Better way of life), what you(Government) gone do when the bee’s start swarmin?(Angry folks taking to the streets rioting) Swallow the hive(Kill us all) or Start runnin (The 1% flying to the Space Station our Government is working on in space right now)” – QGODFEAR from SKY CHURCH CD song “LIFT MY SAVIORS NAME” Feat: Queen Victoria & TY-P

The GODFEARMOVEMENT.com website/blog you are reading receives up to 12,000 legitimate hits per week, I believe this has to do due to the critically important issues I write about. Folks wonder why music sales are suffering, and it’s simply clear to me that as I look back in time, all music was a shadow or clear reflection of World/Community Events. You have folks singin and rappin about money, cars, weed smoke, and screwin, when most of that idle chatter is not a major impact on the struggling individuals mind. As a good friend of mine put it “The American dollar is losing value every day! Our future will be trading of goods such as gas, gold, oil, wood, herbs, medicine, water and the survival like”

We as Americans have been born into a force fed lie, as we have been born into spending and wasting much to frivolously for many, many years. It’s almsot like a drug dealer givin you dope for free for years then once your addicted, he takes off his sheeps clothing, reveals he’s a wolf, and now demands payment for what you’ve become completely physically and mentally addicted to.

Even in our worst neighborhoods people still have clothes on. Look across the world and you’ll see folks walkin on Water Bottle made flip flops and wearing dirty rags as clothing. Even the majority of our homeless people have fat bellies and will not completely starve from begging and eating on what you and I consider trash. NOW IS THE TIME, to cut back! And take notice to the rising prices of our bare necessities. Now is the time to WAKE UP, research the OCCUPY Movement and Understand its core intended meaning….Before you know it, mobs of folks with nowhere to turn, due to no Government relief or care, will be at our door steps demanding all we have. You think I’m doin to much by writing this or I’m trippin?? I say to YOU again WAKE UP!!! Save this message, and read it again in 3 years or less and tell me where we are as a nation….
W A K E U P. Parties Over. New World Order has already begun.


May 9th, 2011 | By QGODFEAR

When your number ONE everyone seems to want to take you down physically and even spiritually. This video is another clear attempt to take down or discredit our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. HE IS the ONLY Triune GOD, the Alpha and the Omega whom will reign supreme for all ages in this life, and the after life to come. Satans job is to deceive you and what greater way to do it than through music, and video with HEAVY PROMOTION and cunningly deceitful lyrics and visuals. In the last verse of this song Lady Gaga states ” Jesus is my Virtue, but Judas is the Demon I cling too “. Her team, management, string pullers, or whatever you want to call them, picked JUDAS to sing about over any other disciple. JUDAS was the disciple that betrayed Jesus Christ with a kiss to the cheek as it is reenacted in this music video (Read, Matthew 26:47-50)
Notice also in the begining moments of this demonic and Christ slandering video that there are 12 motor bikes representing the 12 disciples with Lady Gaga rolling with Jesus, BUT completely focusing her attention on Judas. You will see a few of the disciples names on the back of the bikers jackets. Folks that just are not aware or have no common sense will say ” This is Art, She is expressing herself, Your looking to deep into this, etc ” I say to these people, the time as we know it is completely lining up with the Holy Scripture and the time for Christ’s return is soon approaching. Look at the weather, The economy, How hopeless so many folks have become. There are no jobs, stores are closing, homes being lost and so on.
Jesus Christ is the way and the truth and the life(John 14:6) and with out him you too are lost, and must seek the way. If Jesus Christ was not a threat to the body of hell you would hear songs about Buddha, Mohhamed, or other Idols. Remember we all identify best with what is living! When you are in public, or watching a movie, or televison program you will hear folks say “Oh my GOD, Jesus Christ! , Oh my Lord! , GOD help us! “ NOT “Oh my Buddha, Oh my Mohammed, Oh my Lucifer, or Satan help us”
To the Atheist…YOU HAVE HAD 2000 years to prove that JESUS CHRIST is dead!! BUT NONE OF YOU CAN FIND HIS BONES!! He has Risen indeed and walked out of the grave as Scripture says. You can go on, stay sleep walking and believing the lies that satan spreads if ya want too. One day if you do not repent and get ya mind right, you may wake up in a firey Hell! Seek and ye shall find the truth and please don’t believe the hype!