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April 16th, 2012 | By QGODFEAR

TECHNOLOGY is something else! Check out the video below of TUPAC SHAKUR at the Coachella Music Festival in Indio, CA 2012 performing hit songs such as “Gangsta Party” with SNOOP DOGG on stage & “HAIL MARY” in which DR. DRE had the word “KILLUMINATI” edited out, which is spoken by TUPAC in the original version of his song “HAIL MARY”(Hmmm, wonder why)

What an awesome impact TUPAC obviously made for living folks to have the desire, to actually spend the time resurrecting his Image & Voice…I also could not help but notice how DR. DRE and SNOOP obviously had to resurrect a dead man for some “sales”. Now, I hear DR. DRE may be sending the TUPAC hologram on tour as part of his show! Afeni Shakur gave the okay for the Coachella event, and I’m sure she will get big money for allowing a tour of her late son’s image & voice.

What a powerful Soldier for GOD, TUPAC SHAKUR could have been if living today. Quite possibly too powerful in his message for the “elite”. May the soul of TUPAC SHAKUR Rest in Eternal Peace.

** In no way is GODFEARMOVEMENT.com promoting the profanity used in this video footage so please use descretion while listening.

DR. DRE and/or HP?

November 8th, 2010 | By QGODFEAR

While watching the Commercial below please notice the slant placed on some of the B’s which clearly make them 6’s. Pause the video, enlarge it, and at 2 points in this video 666 is displayed. I took a camera phone photo of my TV screen while paused, on the second display of 666. What do you think about this blatant display of 666? OR are Your Eye’s Open Wide Shut and this is just another advertisement coincidence to you? Stand now for something or fall for anything! DISCERNMENT is KEY in Spiritual Warfare!

Paused Camera Photo Below:

Actual Commercial Below:


September 18th, 2010 | By QGODFEAR

From Rihanna, Eminem, Jay Z, Bob Dylan, Kanye West, Jamie Foxx, The Game, Usher, Dr. Dre, Mims, Mobb Deep, NAS, Lil Wayne, Puff Daddy, Matthew Good, Gucci Mane, Tanya Tucker , Black Eye Peas, and many more secular artists whom you know. Are they spreading deception and evil untruth in their lyrics? Let’s take a look inside THE MUSIC INDUSTRY EXPOSED Pt.1-11 and this so called Illuminati that may exist behind todays musical messages.