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Musical Innovators, Musical Creators, & Imitators

November 7th, 2011 | By QGODFEAR


When listening to most music today whether it’s Gospel or Secular, one thing that is missing is the heartfelt lyrics that inspire one to Love, be more positive, or come closer to God.
Music was created first to inspire, and throughout time mankind has clearly distorted music’s original purpose. Are the larger record labels to blame for mostly releasing “dumb us all down music?” OR are the artists to blame due to lack of intelligence? or have they conformed for the sake of gettin paid? I truly believe there are many deep artists out here that refuse to be a part of this watered down “Sell Your Soul for Fame” industry, that have yet to be heard or lack the skills of properly promoting their music. Most artists only have the ability to Rap, Produce, or Sing, when very few have the skills to do it all(Produce, Record, Mix, Sing, Rap, Package, Market, & Promote)

Today we must own our music, package, market, and promote our music as the major record labels seem to no longer invest in “Experimental Music or Outside the box sounds”. All main stream secular R&B artists and rappers send the same message of “Girl I can Freak You Right”, “I got mo Money than all yall” or Fool I’m gone Kill You if you step”. For the Gospel side of music it seems that ALL you see and hear about is Mary, Mary, Kirk Franklin, Kiki Sheard, Donnie McClurkin, Shirley Caesar, Lecrae, Da Truth, Tye Tribett, and a few others as if this is all the Gospel has to offer! There is a huge host of dynamically talented Gospel Rappers and Singers that minister more intimately than these mentioned, or carry a message just as good. When you have the same folks on Secular and Gospel radio stations something has clearly been monopolized and the small folks are being shut out. Can this be the reason that the music industry is in such a slump? And the Gospel truly not ministering to the thugs in the streets? This clear shutting out of anointed and undiscovered talent is what makes the artists give up or second guess their God given talents. Is this apart of Satan’s plan to drown out the musically potent?

If the “elite” continue to feed us cheese and that’s it, WE WILL ALL EAT CHEESE! If they open this musical flood gate for “relevant to our times music” we will have a buffet of music as we did years ago which in turn will positively reignite society. During the time of the Vietnam war Marvin Gaye crooned “What’s Going On?” and Teddy Pendergrass passionately sung “Wake up Everybody” and James Brown boldly put it “ Say it Loud, I’m Black and I’m Proud”. If your around my age it’s needless to say that this music changed our world and made events in time a bit more tolerable as they brought about a solution lyrically.

As long as the secular music continues to promote or minister “Get naked, suck me up, lick me down” or “look what I got” music, society will mentally follow as is evident throughout our youth and society as a whole. Secular & Gospel Music is Ministry! In which all artists will be accountable as to what Spirits they’re Ministering to, or which fire they have ignited inside mankind(Heavens Fire or Hells Fire). If the Major Gospel Record labels true mission as it should be is to Evangelize, Reach, Teach, and Touch the World with uncompromising gospel, they will do their part in beginning to acknowledge the untapped talent that is carrying the powerfully anointed message of Redemption, Salvation & How God’s mercy endures.

Popular artists with the Non-relevant, only good for a time message is what I call Musical Creators of “laxative music”. The kind of music that goes in one ear, hangs on for a short time and then becomes a forgotten sound as it travels right out the other ear. Innovators of Music, create music so deep it transcends time due to the rhythm wave of each sound, and the voice of deep lyrical expression. Some examples of Musical Innovators are Bob Marley, Marvin Gaye, PRINCE, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Al Green, Rance Allen, Parliament Funkadelic, Elton John, Culture Club, Eurhythmics, Earth Wind and Fire, Maze and Frankie Beverly to name a few. Musical Creators are all around us, so I will name none, as they will come and go. The past and current sounds of Innovated Music may become harder to find, but will never die, Innovated Music will continue to live on, never to be forgotten, transcending all time.