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March 8th, 2011 | By QGODFEAR

The “spin” is truly on like 360 degree’s every day. From the TV, to the Radio, to the foods we eat, even in some of the fashions we may wear. In these last days and times we truly need to Stop, Look, and Listen and become more sensitive to the silent but louder than ever voice of God. I’m beginning to see more and more gospel artists, DJ’s, etc treating their God allowed Ministries like “Comedic Circus Discos”. In my song titled “My Truth”, I speak on this by saying “ Got Gospel Rappa’s Rappin Tight wit no Ministry, that’s a Sin to me, BLASPHEMY, Holy befoe it’s Hip Hop yall need to Stop, wit this attack, Yeah I said it while the rest of yall sit back”. In this song I called it the way I see it!

So many get caught in the “Ohh Happy Day, feel good side” of the gospel and forget that there is a dark side opposition to the positive spirit. The only way to combat darkness is knowing the protector of Light and his name is Jesus Christ!

Seems that most folks only want the TRUTH(Jesus) when they become consumed by the LIE(Satan). From the time I was brought up until now I have seen technology go from black and white TV’s to whack color TV’s to High Definition flat screens, Cell Phones, Computers, Internet, and IMAX Theaters with crazy surround sounds. All these luxuries are now at our finger tips which grab 100% of our societies attention. Consuming us to a point where we no longer go on walks with our families. We no longer see our parks filled with people playing Basketball, Baseball, Kids swinging on swings, riding bikes, Kids at Public Swimming Pools, or just playing with each other on the park bars. Today all you see is children or even grown men sittin at home on a couch eatin Pizza, or cupcakes while playing Xbox, or Play Station.

The other day I sat back with my little girl watching a movie called “WALL-E”. On one part of this movie all American’s sat in these hovering chairs that took them everywhere and did everything for them. Needless to say the producers of this film obviously were honing in on our societies current state of being stuck & overweight.

If you are between the ages of 0-28 you unfortunately missed out on what you may hear folks refer to as the “Good Ole Days”. The Days when the whole hood watched Soul Train, then couldn’t wait to talk about it in the streets or at the barber shop. The days where black folks walked about with their heads held high and would pick their fellow man up, when he or she was down. The Days where we “Knuckled Up” and fought with our hands instead of shooting one another over nickels and dimes, The days where art, individuality, and expression where praised. The days where Grandmothers stood strong and would just out right get in ya Butt and teach you the right way to live. In 2011 I know Grandmothers my age and younger that party in the clubs and have the nerve to post Pink hair high lights, squattin down, booty out photos on Facebook! LOL.

I truly miss the days where our local Churches and Pastors where all committed to our neighborhoods. Now it seems to me, the Church has become in some cases a “Corporate Comedic Circus Disco” with no real Stand up Men and Women down to lead the youth. This in itself has caused Millions of folks to turn from Christianity to other religions to seek out what they feel the Truth is. Common Sense is being lost, Originality is out the door, Customer Service is shot, and being a follower is the thing to do. Folks really need to drop the GARMIN Navigation and let JESUS guide! BUT welcome to the New World Dumb Down Society that has no problem tappin toes to “Massa’s Beat” .

In 1980 it seems like everything changed almost overnight. Instead of being proud to rock a “Natural” or “Afro” we began placing chemicals in our hair to make it curl and called it a “Jerry Curl”….I cain’t front I did have a jerry curl. Hahaaa. And we will never forget how Crack Cocaine completely raped the mental state of our Mothers, Fathers, Aunties and Uncles.

What I see missing in the Gospel today, is obviously what these youths and young adults never had unless someone teaches them daily….As long as I John Q. Chapple am here breathing, stayin low, moving fast, I will continue to slap ya neck, with True thought out God inspired lyrical true Ministry, that is aimed at pointing your soul to Jesus Christ and alerting each of you to the many traps of Satan!!

Seek the Truth, and Ye Shall find it waiting on you!
Endure, Be Encouraged, and Never give up the fight!