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Color Blind or Nah?

February 20th, 2015 | By QGODFEAR


Recently, I went online looking to purchase a jewelry box for my little girl.
Not just any jewelry box, but the jewelry boxes little girls had in the late 70’s and early 80’s. When the jewelry box was opened a small African American Ballerina would begin to slowly turn around to classical music.

I found many jewelry boxes online with ballerinas but none of color. So I continued my search at our local toys-r-us store. As I walked down each aisle, I saw many action figures, wrestlers , mutant or animal like action figure dolls, but noticed the very few toys of color. The online figures of color I saw where those that played basketball or baseball, with even these minimally available.

I walked down another aisle for pajamas and none of them have Black, Brown or Yellow skin tone characters printed on them, as they were all Caucasian. I began to think, what ethnic cartoons are there on T.V? The Princess and the frog, in which “Tiana” was a frog for more than 1/2 of the film. Disney channel has no all African american cartoons that play weekly! Well there is the Latin cartoon Dora the Explorer, but no black children characters or cartoons. What message is being sent to the young “sponge like” minds of Black children? Why are there no Black super hero’s? This is the year 2015 and race relations have gotten better? or more discreet in prejudice?

Does this over availabilty of all Caucasian children products,subliminally or obviously tell White Children that they are superior? and that all other races are inferior? This is not right and should be corrected, but will it ever be? We are all Gods children and this obvious subliminal message will play into our children’s adult life. That “their way” of walking, talking, living is the only way excepted in America? May you please teach your Children the TRUTH, and to be proud ot their dark skin, light skin, yellow skin, elbino skin or red skin. Teach them the TRUTH that all men were created equal under God, and that God created color to make this place we call home beautiful. It is through Man’s deceptive ways that we have placed races below or above another. We are all brothers and sisters under God, but its obvious that a line at the highest levels of Mattel, Hasbro, Disney, Wal-Mart, K-Mart,Target, Toys-R-Us, etc has been drawn.

The long term result in my “common sense knowledge” of having all Caucasian characters on Pajamas, children’s shoes, TV, TV commercials, Lunch boxes, or Mannequins in department stores etc since the beggining of Toy creation breeds a rebellious people with a low self esteem. When any culture or human being is backed into a corner they lash out possibly through Side Shows, Gun Play, Robbery, Drugs, Alcohol, Sexual Disease, etc. This mental fence is created upon arrival in American culture and very few break out of this menatl prison. God says, “Walk by Faith and not by sight”,and I say Truth is Truth and a lie is a lie….Thank you to Bill Cosby for creating the “Fat Albert and the Cosby kids” cartoon which inspired my cartoon/video “GOD BE WITH ME” and the Cosby Show. Both shows were greatly successful and an inspiration for millions of colored folks. God Bless You and may the Blood of Jesus Cover you eternally.

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