November 6th, 2016 | By QGODFEAR


Who am I? ,
Who am I not to be great?, Who or what defines my greatness? What am I passionate or compassionate about?
Will my passions lead me closer to or further from God?
On what scale is my greatness measured?

Who am I?
What part do I play in this gift called “Life?”

Who we are today can often be a mirror of how we were raised, the way we were treated as a child or our youthful experiences.
In thinking of our infant stage, God made each of us so gentle, so innocent, so full of life, so willing to learn, feel, and touch.
We were open vessels to receive Love, as our eye’s gleamed of the Hope & Promise that God put inside of us.

As we grew, life brought about it’s many twists and turns, and through these experiences we were constantly being shaped.
How has life shaped you? Have you allowed past experiences to help you grow or hinder growth? Who are you? Who have you become?

“You’re not rich until you have something that money can’t buy” – Anonymous

Life has it’s way of inundating us all, with so much “life” coming at us within each day. Pause and ask yourself, Who Am I to place limits on my being?
Are you chasing Money? a Dream? Fantasies? or are you chasing that which is larger than self? What spirit is leading this pursuit?
Often to truly accelerate in life, we have to go back in our thinking.

What I mean is, you can draw strength from past experiences to excel you forward. Think on situations that tried to box you in, make you feel less than or define you with ill intention.
Who are you to forget that God alone defines you and that God is the wind beneath your wings. FLY HIGH! Who are you to lean unto your own philosophy, or Man’s philosophy of self?
As we know man is flawed and imperfect, but in all things GOD is made perfect.

Proverbs 3:5
Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding

God created us with the great ability to Love. God is Love and he has wired us the way we are. Do you see God? or have his words fallen on deaf ears?

Proverbs 28:9
If anyone turns a deaf ear to my instruction, even their prayers are detestable.

On today, I pray that we will begin to decrease self and allow God to increase inside of us, then through us.
May we bow down to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit as life continues to shape us, renew us and make us stronger!


John Q. Chapple