May 8th, 2016 | By QGODFEAR

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Mark 15:17
They put a purple robe on him, then twisted together a crown of thorns and set it on him.

Since the Internet or World Wide Web went Live on August 6, 1991…

You could not find ANY “PRINCE” MUSIC For Free Online anywhere….Not that I was looking! LOL.

Prince Roger Nelson, aka The Artist, spent countless hours relentlessly protecting his catalog of Music. Now that he has Passed June 7, 1958 – April 21, 2016, You can find all of his Music & Concerts on Youtube, and everywhere digital FOR FREE! It’s sad to see that we as people claim to Love and Support an artist but will Bootleg/Exploit their art form.

Some say PRINCE was murdered! Some say Prince was on Drugs and had AIDS….I say PRINCE was a Child of God, whom shared his Passion and Love for Music with us all. His Music was Provocative, Vivid, Spiritual, Insightful, Lustful at times and down right Jammin all in one! I personally Thank God for the Genius that is PRINCE! I pray that as his Soul is absent from his body, that he is truly present with our Merciful Lord Jesus Christ.

Only GOD will and can Judge PRINCE….

“If you believe that a man that has a person that keeps him physically perfect while in the public eye,(make up and Hair) and has Another person to dust him off if he has lint on him….That he did not have a will, You are a fool and will believe anything the media tells you. Man They Killed PRINCE and he did not have AIDS” – Dick Gregory

*PLEASE BE ADVISED* The Video Below has some Vulgar Language as the Honorable Dick Gregory Passionately gives his insight into Prince’s untimely death.

Bishop Paul Morton “Let it Rain”