The Problem & The Solution

April 9th, 2016 | By QGODFEAR



Someone asked me, What separates John Chapple’s music from the masses?

“What separates me from most artists is that I write, then rap about Truth in depth. I rap about what is true to the root of my soul. I don’t fabricate or present an image that is not me! I rap about my real Spiritual experiences and God given visions. In addition I often rap about World issues and World Government deception. I give my listeners the 100% Problem (Current World Structure,Society Issues) while serving them the 100% solution, JESUS CHRIST! From what my ears have heard musically thus far, I am the only artist globally, accurately giving the listener 100% Problem and 100% Solution at this time. Most rap or sing completely Negative or Completely Positive. I hit both subjects and everything in between! In my humble opinion, QGODFEAR gives 200% Treal(True+Real) Lyrical Music that only the Awake and Spiritually deep can feel, now that’s “POWER”