Obamacare? or Obama Don’t Care?

March 3rd, 2016 | By QGODFEAR

Obamacare….Penalized if you do not have medical coverage at 2.5% of your annual income. The rich will always be covered, so this law affects the poor and middle class citizen only!
The Government was genius enough to “spin” Obamacare like its really helping. They truly made it seem as if the Republicans were against the Democratic decision for Obamacare.

Now folks without healthcare will have another bill in addition to high Food Costs, Electric & Gas, ChildCare, etc…

America it’s time to “Boss Up”…..It’s time for us all to leap out and become independent. It’s truly time for unity and for resources to come together.
The enemy has divided us, and through New World Order, will attempt to conquer us. They can have our bodies but can they have our Souls?

Never Give up the Fight!

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