July 27th, 2015 | By QGODFEAR

5 months ago, I had a dream of a Tan skinned woman standing with her arms spread, legs spread, and with her hands open, palms facing forth. She had two dark eye’s that did not blink, no mouth, no nose and no ears.

This woman was standing in complete darkness, so looking forward she was all that I could see. As she began to breathe deeply, large black holes throughout her body opened as she exhaled and closed when she inhaled. The Lord began to speak to me by saying “She is breathing a new order of Demon onto the Earth”. I have struggled for the past 5 months with writing this dream, I guess with fears of how others may interpret this dream.

God did not press me to say anything until this morning. For months I had been hearing about the 9 foot tall “Satanic statue” that is now displayed in Detroit and another that will be displayed in Oklahoma City, but was not 100% sure of its truth, until today. The group behind the satanic statue hopes to have it displayed at the Arkansas State Capitol, next to a monument of the Ten Commandments. BLASPHEMY. As we have all recently seen the recent “turn up” of Evil, through many demonic tactics of defamation upon all that Gods word stands for. We have transitioned into a very dark time Globally. Many of you, get sick, turn a deaf ear or feel completely uncomfortable with the TRUTH. So you spend your days In limbo running from the Truth. I am not perfect and most definitely, I fall short of God’s glory, but DO NOT let my shortcomings be your excuse or reasoning of not coming to God. If you receive my music, my words, my ministry, God Bless You. If you do not receive the words given to me by God, God Bless You too!

As the sword of God’s word steadily cuts through time, YOU will be required to choose a side, Light or Dark aka Heaven or Hell. The time of playing church, false prophet preaching, accepting the “feel good” parts of the Bible and leaving the convicting scripture is over. The time of Preaching, Rapping, Miming and Singing in Church while harboring hate or judgment in your hearts is over. All of God’s word will be fulfilled, as the chaff (Those bound for hell) is separating from the wheat (those that will be harvested). What have you done to solidify your place inside the Book of Life? Statue’s or agenda’s, Satan’s time is never! but your time is now!