July 13th, 2015 | By QGODFEAR


If Christ spoke to a grave and rose Lazarus from the dead by speaking 3 words “Lazarus Come forth” Read John 11:43-44

Jesus is able to breathe life into what you view as dead, according to his will (dreams, future plans, relationships)

If Christ spoke through a Donkey to Balaam in, Numbers 22:28-30

Christ is able to move, shift and rearrange your bad situation, for his word says “What is meant for bad, will be used for Good” Genesis 50:20

On today I pray that you receive Gods goodness inside your heart and mind, let go of self, & let the spirit of God!

I assure you he will be the wind beneath your wings. May today be the day that you take flight.

God Bless,

John Q. Chapple