February 6th, 2015 | By QGODFEAR

QGODFEAR the eclectic, lyrical, in your face, with truth style artist, comes with his 1st Greatest Hits digital download.

At some time or another these songs have moved you, inspired you or if you haven’t heard, LISTEN UP TODAY!

QGODFEAR has been pushing his truth music solidly since 1992. That’s 23 years of O.G musical service unto GOD, with no flip floppin!

www.GODFEARMOVEMENT.com  has always been a “Church Without Walls” deeply  associated through family ties within the San Francisco, Bay Area.

The root of his sound is truly ear to the ground and one of a kind !

As we all move forward into a “district 12” like future, globally! Q’s music will surely open your spiritual mind eye as well as your knowledge into NOW!

Get your copy ,or  your single today of this collection of Timeless music with the best mentally and spiritually uplifting songs that www.GODFEARMOVEMENT.com has to offer.

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We thought you thought! The Movement Don’t Stop! Jeeeeeeeeee   sus!