December 5th, 2014 | By QGODFEAR

Read Genesis 18 – 19

The only reason Sodom and Gomorrah stood as long as it did, was because there was one man whom the Lord favored, named Lot.
Abraham pleaded with God for the righteous people in Sodom, but found not one inside this sinful land.

If God did not destroy a sinful land because of a righteous man named Lot, his wife (whom later turned back) and his two daughters, why do you believe that America or this Planet Earth still stands??

“They” aka The Elite = Controllers or string pullers of every Government on Planet Earth, want to take jobs, minimize minimum wage, control population, New World Order us, mentally enslave the masses, and ultimately exploit and break each of us. But God only allows the imps, gimps and pimps of our paychecks and food we eat to do ONLY what he has allowed. GOD the Father, The Son Jesus, and The Holy Spirit control all movement in this natural life and inside the mirroring Super Natural Spirit Realm.

I say “May each of them(The Elite and followers) sleep deep inside the eternal bed of flames that they have made for themselves”

Come Now Lord Jesus!