Imagine Reality…

July 24th, 2013 | By QGODFEAR

Imagine a world where the powers that be had been feeding us information with an agenda since the year 1800. This generationally taught agenda is for them to keep total control by controlling society!

This philosophy and teaching via Television, Radio, Newspapers etc., would eventually shape our Grand Parents, Parents, Parents, thinking, which in fact would affect your upbringing and religious beliefs. As human beings we naturally adjust and adapt to our surroundings in order to function within society. I’d like to imagine that most parents do their best to teach their children what they know, with hopes of their offspring becoming better citizens within society. No one wants to be pointed out as the odd ball, or the absolute rebel, for this type of person in relation to the life of Jesus Christ may in fact be crucified by society for “going against the grain”.

But what does “Going with the Grain” mean to you? To me it means to follow trends, and whole heartedly believe whatever the year 1800 powers that be, feed you through massive media (TV, Radio, Newspapers, Magazines, Billboards, etc.) and you just roll with it, no matter where it leads you. This also would mean to put down your internal belief system of truth, and trust others to lead you, because the picture they’ve painted is so clear, so peaceful, so comforting , In Full HD and so attainable.

Also this ultimately means that as time moves forth, more and more of your human rights will slip away!
Imagine all cell phone activity being tapped, traced, monitored and logged. Imagine if Martial Law could be instated if there is ever an outbreak, Civil unrest or riot which will delete all freedom for however long the “year 1800 powers that be”, feel. Imagine in the coming year 2014 only in the State of California, all citizens will be required to have Health Insurance. Please check as there will be yearly penalties for people not conforming.

These few tidbits make me think of this quote by George Washington “If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.
What slaughter could ole George Washington have been speaking of? Hmmm The slaughter of the middle class citizens? The slaughter of GOD inside our schools? The slaughter of Jobs, our economy? Home Foreclosures? Religion? Faith?

With all this said… Please imagine GOD covering you, and shielding you from all evil plots, plans and schemes, as his Holy Word states. Please imagine for a moment joy, happiness, and freedom illuminating throughout the world around you. Imagine you holding the keys to unlock a life of holiness and prosperity inside your soul. Brothers and Sisters this is REALITY, and there is no need to Imagine what GOD HAS ALREADY DONE! Your breakthrough is now, Your Freedom is inside this moment and nothing can hold you back!!! Not the Illuminati, Bugati, Hot Totti, or Ladi Dadi….:) LOL

If you are a believer, you are the head and not the tail! By the grace and mercy of God, may your ship set sail……

Blessings & Peace be with you,