May 22nd, 2013 | By QGODFEAR

BE UP means BE UP and aware of all things surrounding you! BE Not sleep spiritually, politically or intellectually! BE UP and don’t wait for life to come to you! Launch out and make positive things happen by any positive means! BE UP Don’t Sleep!

Our Logo is not one eye or “the all seeing eye”. Our Logo was created not as a Black man, or White man or any colors in between. Our painted image/logo was created to embrace all cultures and lifestyles. You’ll notice one eye wide open, which expresses “I WILL PRESS ON, AND WILL NOT STOP” and the other eye barely open which expresses “I AM TIRED OF THE LIES, THE HATE, THE SPIRITUAL, MENTAL, and PHYSICAL Oppression” but yet in still WE WILL NOT GIVE UP!! BE UP posted on the forehead of the image representing our Mental, Spiritual Mind must always BE UP and NEVER SLEEP! BE UP FO LIFE!!