January 7th, 2013 | By QGODFEAR

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Back in the day, know one could tell me that God and his Angels were real, until lots of life happened to me. Back then, you could not tell me that satan and his demons(fallen angels)were real! Spiritual Warfare was something I could not even fathom until I was personally caught in praying for GOD to release satans grip on my very own soul. “Demonic Possession” has never been a popular subject inside todays church, as this generation of the “feel good” Church that produces “feel good people” would possibly be empty if this wisdom was exposed. Wisdom truly does come with time, and not with age as you know we truly have some old fools out here.

The video exposes Mr. Joseph Enny’s demonic possession that had hold of him since birth. It also shows the actual exorcism (removal of evil spirits) from his soul in Jesus name, and how evil was powerless against the Holy Ghost. This spiritual documentary truly shows the deliverance power inside the blood of Jesus Christ, and the depths satan will pull an uncovered soul too. Jesus can in fact set you and your family free from the generational mental curse prison that entraps so many worldwide. This video exposes the Spirit Realm War that we are all engaged in, whether we know it or not. I am a true witness to the Grace, Mercy, Mighty Power and Deliverance found through Gods only Son Jesus Christ.

At the end of the documentary Mr. Enny’s Father, Step Mother, and Uncle all speak on the generational curse that has violently stricken there family through evil witch craft and Idol Worshipping. They give a detailed testimony into the depths that Gods power pulled Mr. Enny through. Jesus is the true, Way Maker!

* Be warned this video is not for the Spiritually Weak or the Spiritually Ignorant! This of you that see, please Watch & Pray, while Discerning!

God Bless You.