July 10th, 2012 | By QGODFEAR

Much respect to former Sick Wid It /JIVE Recording artist Celly Cell for using his “Fame Stage” to send a treal message about Jesus Christ to the masses. In his song “ETERNAL LIFE” off of his last Studio Album for Jive Records titled G-FILEZ he boldly states

“Now they gone off HOP(Heroin) in the Sea of Snapple, raised in the Church, Hit the Turf then switch, Mad at the world, now you down with the triple 6, and Satan got these youngstas facin the nation, before you talk triple 6 read Revelation, thats the Mark of the Beast, ain’t no Peace, Burn in Eternal Flames the Pain don’t cease, The Father, The Son, and the Holy Spirit, is the only way but you playas don’t wanna hear it”

Bottom Line: In this Music Industry if ya ain’t doin what The Beast, 666, Satan aka the First Known Liar wants, it will clearly take a Mighty Move Of God to place those light filled souls strategically inside the walls of Hollywood, to boldly speak, sing, and/or rap the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Please listen to “ETERNAL LIFE” by Bay Area Rapper CELLY CELL below or on