February 13th, 2012 | By QGODFEAR

Nicki Minaj is Playin…Or gettin played all for a Dolla Bill by the mighty HELL Click aka Satans army. HELL is Playin for keeps and has folks so blind that they will not know it’s real until they wake up in HELL. We all keep fallin into Satans massively, collossal deception due to lack of RELATIONSHIP with JESUS CHRIST. Young Money gone be Crispy Burnt Money if they don’t get it right…

WE AS CHRISTIANS MUST find whatever we need inside ourselves to make bolder statements for Christ! The World is perishing right before our eye’s as the weak are truly falling to the wayside! SPIRITUAL WAR is raging and as this war continues there is no “Friendly Fire”. Choose RIGHT or get left!

** THIS IS MY 3rd TIME REVISING THIS VIDEO AS UMG(Universal Music Group), and The Grammy Awards claim Copyrights violations are involved. I bet, cause this performance was a down right Demonic moment in time, that can be career damaging! WHAT IS ON THE INSIDE WILL COME OUT…IN TIME!! WATCH NICKI’s Side Show BELOW BEFORE IT’S GONE!!