December 12th, 2011 | By QGODFEAR

Many folks take the visuals shown on television as entertainment. Little do these folks know that these images and sounds are stored in our brains. During these tough economically and evil times many folks have become even more cutthroat and back stabbish out of feelings of desperation or the fleshly human need to survive(The I have NO Faith attitude).

Most of our financial “cushions” are no longer there, so folks lean unto their own fleshly understanding and act out. There are 2 types of visuals that have been shown throughout our lifetime and have grown in our families blood lines. Visual one is pure evil aimed to cater to the flesh, but can be subtly presented(Satan, Fear, doubt, pain, Insecurity, destruction) or the two which is aimed at our spirit side(God, Love, Reassurance, Confidence, Faith, Hope)

A few questions that crossed my mind after watching 1/2 of an episode of “ONCE UPON A TIME” were, why has Hollywood gotten more blatant in sending these messages through film? Are they merely expressing the true root, of what’s inside the souls of NBC & ABC Executives and CEO’s hearts? Another show which has demonic images of zombies and creatures from hell is called “GRIMM”.

I know I’m missing a few more shows so please be aware as to what you or your children mentally take in through audio or visual, as the sayings state “you are what you eat”, “what is practiced you will preach” “What goes in will eventually come out” My simple point to you, is to be aware of the seeds these majors corporations are planting. Mel Gibson directed/produced “Passion of the Christ” and makes 1 Billion dollars, and these fools continue creating evil movies and television shows? Sounds to me that it is not about the money, it’s all about their demonic agenda to plant seeds of evil straight from hell! May we all Wake up…ASAP!

For episodes of “ONCE UPON A TIME” Click below here as you discern what’s TRUTH http://www.beta.abc.go.com/shows/once-upon-a-time