March 10th, 2011 | By QGODFEAR

I’m really going to stir some folks up with this Blog! OR shall I say HE THAT IS GREATER IN ME is??

I received this website sent with good intention, with scriptures and quotes attached from a family member. After reading the reassuring messages I saw no mention of Jesus Christ. I then decided to visit the website above to read the faqs. In my personal belief I do not believe Science and Christianity mix! It’s like mixing oil and water! Scientist believe in “Spontaneous Generation” and we Christians believe in the Triune GOD meaning the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit created all creation as written in Genesis 1:1 “GOD CREATED THE HEAVENS AND THE EARTH”

“Spontaneous generation refers to both the supposed process by which life would systematically emerge from sources other than seeds, eggs or parents and to the theories which explained the apparent phenomenon. The first form is abiogenesis, in which life emerges from non-living matter”
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Broken down to a street level, Spontaneous Generation means Man was created from a “Darwin Theory” so to speak, where all mankind evolved from a “big bang” explosion. My question was okay…WHO CREATED THE BIG BANG? I believe GOD did.

“The Big Bang was the event which led to the formation of the universe, according to the prevailing cosmological theory of the universe’s early development (known as the Big Bang theory or Big Bang model). According to the Big Bang model, the universe, originally in an extremely hot and dense state that expanded rapidly, has since cooled by expanding to the present diluted state, and continues to expand today”
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Please read some of the faqs below about Religious Science. Read them for yourself via their website

What does Religious Science teach?
The very essence of the teaching is that our power is always there for us, and is always found by simply turning within and acknowledging the Divine Presence within us, at the very center of our being. Science of Mind teaches us to clear away and remove any sense of doubt, and to heal our minds and hearts of any discord, fear, outdated ideas, guilt, or any sense of lack or limitation we might have about ourselves, our lives, our circumstances, or life in general. As our consciousness expands, we know that we are never alone, that the indwelling presence of God/Spirit is always right there with us. We learn to acknowledge and accept this divine connection.

Is Religious Science non-denominational?
We consider ourselves to be an open denomination. We don’t want any of our congregants to give up any of their previous religious teachings or faiths. We suggest that people keep Sacred anything that works for them, be it Christianity, Judaism, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhism, or any other beliefs. In fact, there are many segments of these pathways in what we believe. We teach that there are many paths to the sacred, and many ways to serve and learn more about Spirit/God.

What does Religious Science teach about Jesus Christ?
In Religious Science, Christ is viewed as a universal principle rather than a person. It is the principle of God expressing through humanity. We sometimes quote from the Bible, we reference scripture, and we believe the Jesus was a master teacher. We teach that he was fully aware of his divine connection to God; we believe that his was what we now call an “enlightened soul.” We teach that Jesus was not a great exception, but rather a great example of the Divine Principle in mankind. We believe that potential for this Divine expression lies within each of us

Early in my Christ Walk I attended a few Religious Science Church Services with my Father. I gave this place 4 chances! I felt no anointing, and my discernment antennas went completely up when I never heard the name JESUS CHRIST! As it is written in JOHN 14:6 ” Jesus answered, I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me”. With Religious Science only quoting scriptures that their structure feels relevant, my common sense tells me that’s a lot like my own Father telling me all the rules of his house, and I come back at him with “Well Dad, I will do rules 1 through 4, but rules 5 through 80, sorry Dad, not gonna do it” For the Ole School folks reading this please tell me am I right or wrong? and WHAT WOULD BE THE REPERCUSSION FOR TELLING OUR EARTHLY FATHERS THIS Non-Sense???? Come on Now! As Mature adults we have been given every tool to see JESUS CHRIST, HELL is the consequence for our disobedient life’s actions….Do you really want to take that chance with your soul??? Well Religious Science believes there is no Heaven or Hell according to the faqs listed above!

You cannot take bits and pieces of the truth and call it the entire truth! Our Father GOD is the Immovable Mover whom sent his only begotten Son Jesus Christ into this world to die for our sins. Jesus rose again on the third day(Easter) and now lives inside each of his children through his Holy Spirit.

I must humbly say..I sent this message in Love with the intent to cut through the fat and get directly to the meat of the truth! After all each of us are all seeking something! And to my close friends and loved ones Please seek and test the right spirit, Please do not play with your Eternity! Hell is eternal and has no way out. Religious Science amongst other religions do not believe in Heaven or Hell and this is apart of demonic deception. It’s either Love or Hate, Hot or Cold, On or Off, Heaven or Hell…There is no middle ground!

Well as a firm standing, NOT PERFECT, Christian Man I DO believe in Heaven and Hell with each place being ruled by its leader! As For my Household “WE WILL PRAISE THE LORD JESUS CHRIST AND HIS HOLY WORD!
Be Blessed, Be Encouraged, Seek and ye shall find…THE TRUTH!

JOHN 8:16 “But if I do judge, my decisions are right, because I am not alone. I stand with the Father, who sent me”