February 3rd, 2011 | By QGODFEAR

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Greetings GentlePeople,

Only on www.GODFEARMOVEMENT.com you can listen to 3 NEW songs from QGODFEAR & The GODFEAR MOVEMENT Ministry. All songs are connected together with hopes of reaching, teaching and touching someone, anyone in these last days and times. If not you, then please forward on to someone you may know that needs an influx of the spirit of God through Gospel Rap Music. This Music was constructed with the lost & found in mind. As I do know the lost frame of mind, as at one time in my life I did not believe there was a GOD. With Glory to GOD I now understand the found frame of mind as the found will often move on and up and forget to reach back and share our testimony with those still just existing. We as “found folks” or “Chuuch Folk” were not called out to keep the goodness of GOD inside and to not share the Gospel of Jesus. We are accountable to tell all whom we come in contact with how and what saved us.

Earlier on I questioned GOD with how could we live in such a world where Church preaches Love, Harmony, Peace, Joy, & Mercy amongst other positive things? with most in my community or friends and family around me are either on Drugs, Sell Drugs, Run Scams, Boost, Pimp or even Prostitute. How can there be a GOD when this world we live in seems so full of Death & Destruction?

As I lived more and gave into “Destructive Living” I learned that “Destructive Music”, “Destructive Television(News, Videos, Even Commercials)” and “Destructive Radio” was the fuel that gassed my mind up to ultimately destroy me. I had Money, Cars, and Women but still felt thirsty inside. I can go on and on, but needless to say I now know that I know that GOD IS REAL and is standing at your door and knocking asking you “Would you Come?” as the time is at hand.