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I dare you…..

July 3rd, 2012 | By admin

On today it’s becoming more and more obvious that many folks are going through tough financial times, with so many people “frontin” like they aren’t broke, or going broke. From the outside looking in, the only thing that seems to be falsely holding them afloat is there pride. Pride is a lie of the flesh! On today I dare you to humble yourself, let go, let God, decrease, and allow his spirit to increase through you. Mass media such as VH1, MTV, BET, Clear Channel Radio Stations, CNN, ABC, NBC, BBC and more, continue to promote the “Everyone MUST have Money, & Gotta Get Money by any Means” façade. We have all watched the music industry come "alive" for what it truly is. In the video posted below (or on www.godfearmovement.com) from “rap minister” TYGA of Cash Money Records, he adds fuel to satan’s flames from hell, which are being breathed upon our children and mankind as a whole for mental digestion,lifestyle consideration, with the goal of eternal damnation. At exactly 8 Seconds into this video you will hear a subtle, female voice that clearly says "Be nice to Satan". In the images above please notice the subtle or sometimes blatant demonic imagery, and symbols. I dare you on today to not continue turning your cheek to this blasphemy from “The World”, as this War with Words, Visual, & Out right disrespect for the King of Kings, Lord of Lords & Our Father GOD continues. All throughout the music industry across all genres use your discernment as most of these artists are not using there Triune God given talents maturely. The worst part is the Gospel Music Industry and Church have also been affected by satan’s demonic influences. I dare you on today to decrease your “Swag” or who you, your friends, or your family has puffed you up to be! and allow the spirit of GOD through his son Jesus Christ to work through you on today. I dare you to tell someone something uplifting, tell someone God Loves them, and that he is now waiting for them to call his name, in this great time of need. I dare you to tell someone that GOD is REAL, I dare you to repost this blog on your Twitter, My Space, Facebook, etc. I double dare you to ask Jesus to come into you, and sharpen your discernment so tough, that you begin to see the lies that this world has us all believing in through Politics, & Propaganda fed to us through mass media. I dare you to be bolder in your Spiritual Life Walk for your own souls sake, by seeking out your method to this Spiritual War we are all engaged in. I dare you to seek out a true one on one intimate relationship with Jesus Christ, and not just a relationship with Church. Christ will make his face shine upon you, give you grace as he is the Great I AM, and the Waymaker when you see no way in sight. Many are called but few are chosen! “The worst off, kind of Soldier is the kind that does not clearly see the Raging War or battleground that he or she is standing in” – QGODFEAR One Love, & Be Blessed Always….


October 10th, 2011 | By admin

Someone once asked me "How can you mix politics with religion? I answered "Christ is the Truth, correct? They agreed, YES. Well, politics are clearly corrupt and untrue in many aspects. First your votes will only count MAYBE when they are moving with the carefully initiated & selected individual for "Government Agenda". You have politics in Church which stifle folks that can, and will (God Moving) enable the churches to go Higher and Deeper in Christ Jesus aka The Truth with hopes of being much more effective than current leadership. Some Pastors really need to sit down and let the Youthful Fire be Ignited. Our streets are dying daily, and CURRENTLY the Church as a whole is sending the world message that Jesus Christ is NOT able to quench mankind, when he IS THE ONLY WAY,The ONLY SOLUTION, that starts within each of our hearts, if we receive him. Expect a worldwide outpouring of the spirit soon, The Harvest on Earth is ripening. We may not know exacly what, but we all feel something massive coming that will change us all" Without puttin too much more energy into my answer to this question I ask you reading this, WHY IS THE MEDIA COVERAGE ON THE WALL STREET PROTESTS TO A MINIMUM or IN SOME CASES, NOT AT ALL? WHY ARE WE SO UNAWARE OF WHAT THE "WORLD ELITE" IS DOING RIGHT BEFORE OUR EYE'S? WHY DO WE "FRONT" ON SOCIAL MEDIA or just period, LIKE WE GOT PAPER, MONEY, $CRATCH, DOUGH? PLEASE, You foolin ya self wit da "Hood Richness" I'd rather be rich in Spirituality as its benefits are eternal...THIS RECESSION HAS JUST BEGUN and People including myself have lost their homes, or are barely hangin on to jobs and barely eating! And we all thought the TV Show "GOOD TIMES" was just about funny black folks and mild Hard Times. If that was "GOOD TIMES" then what are these times that we're livin in?? WAKE UP AND GIVE REALITY TELEVISION A BREAK and DO SOME RESEARCH ON THE "NEW WORLD ORDER, TIMELINE" Wake up Now! Or Possibly Wake Up in Flames! This is Real Talk...GET INFORMED, as CHRIST IS COMIN BACK ON HIS TIME, RIGHT ON TIME, ARE YOU READY? "Iran's top leader said Wednesday that the wave of protests reflects a serious crisis that will ultimately topple capitalism in America. Ayatollah Ali Khamenei claimed the United States is now in a full-blown crisis because its "corrupt foundation has been exposed to the American people."