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July 9th, 2012 | By admin

The NEW FULL HD, Music Video by QGODFEAR and animated by the talented Kelly Brown, titled “GOD BE WITH ME” took a total of 4 1/2 months to complete, which is a rather short time in comparison to the years it took Disney/Pixar to create “Toy Story” or “Finding Nemo”. This GODFEAR MOVEMENT independent project was truly a journey into the intricate & arduous world of Cartoon Video Animation.

I actually thought this would be easier than doing a LIVE music video and boy was I wrong.
Coming up with the storyline that would grab the people’s attention,then deeply impact their lives from the start was a challenge. Mentally seeing, then creating characters in such full detail(Clothing, Voices, Movements, etc) that the audience I felt would relate too was not an easy task, all while driving a come to the light message. This project truly stretched my creativity and took great patience” – QGODFEAR

Major illustration talent, Mr. Kelly Brown brought QGODFEARs vision to virtual life by animating the video while QGODFEAR wrote, conceptualized, assisted with sound effects, and performed all voices. The eclectic “GOD BE WITH ME” track (taken from QGODFEAR’s latest SOUL MUSIC CD on itunes) was Produced by Ty Tha Artist, which is also the designer of www.QGODFEAR.com

Please enjoy and share with the world! 1 Luv, Be Blessed, & Thank you for watching:)

*Also those of you, that do not see a video link please click here to view this exclusive, heartfelt animated video www.godfearmovement.com


April 23rd, 2011 | By admin

Please Check Out this Video Below of QGODFEAR “PUSH A HARDLINE”. Video was Produced, Directed, & Edited by QGODFEAR. Be on the Watch for More Videos & Short Films from GODFEAR MOVEMENT. “This video is partly a result from what we learned while filming & editing the QGODFEAR, HIGHER video. As technology grows and we expand our independent knowledge we will seek more vivid & precise results with future film projects. This Video is just a glimpse into our future in film/videos. Stay Tuned and continue to watch how the GODFEAR Moves” – QGODFEAR