About Us


My name is John Q. Chapple owner of BE UP FOR LIFE clothing. 

I sincerely thank you for visiting our site and reading this section. 

A vision of the BE UP FOR LIFE logo came to me right after High school in 1991. 
I began recording my music in studio and pursuing my musical dream to put eclectic, funky, spiritual music, into the ears of mankind. I needed a logo that expressed exactly how I felt creatively on the inside. My group and I began searching for painters and graphic artists that could execute the vision I had. The first artist (I cannot remember his name, Lord forgive me) painted the BE UP FOR LIFE Logo onto canvas. I remember him asking “What race is this man, what color is he?” I responded “He is all races in one”. The artist understood exactly what I meant and executed my vision accurately.

In 2016 I reached out to Kelly Brown Illustrations, whom I collaborated with, on my animated cartoon video “God be with me” (on Youtube) to refresh the vintage BE UP FOR LIFE logo. Kelly brown did a great job as usual as can be seen on the home page on BEUPFORLIFE.com . In 2018, I wanted to change the vintage font in the logo, to a font that was fresh, flavorful, new and represented where we are going as a company. I reached out to another artist in South Africa, that actually hand drew the exact font that I wanted in just 2 days! 

My oldest son said to me “ Now that’s a logo that I could see everyone wearing" A lightbulb went off and here we are, just pushing forth at Godspeed!

The meaning behind our logo: The red eye symbolizes that I am tired of Injustice, Negative energy, War, Police Brutality, Abuse, Evil, Wickedness amongst many other negative things. The eye wide open stands for, I’m awake, I’m alert, and on point in mind, body & soul. The eye wide open also expresses strength and the will to continue pushing on positively. BE UP is on the forehead representing mental, spiritual awareness in the mind and FOR LIFE is the life time commitment to self, to relentlessly pursue the Great Commission, Be Positive, Have good health, Deeper spirituality and Love for all.