October 11th, 2010 | By QGODFEAR

Please check out Etholia Kent from Guyton, Georgia. Her new Smash Hit Single titled "GOD STILL LOVES ME" has her posted on the Charts as #1 for her area! Please show this rising Queen of Gospel Worship some Love by purchasing her single for $0.99 cents by clicking Also click the link below to join her mailing list, or even to book Etholia Kent for your next event! We here at the GODFEAR MOVEMENT guarantee you will be blessed by her smooth & anointed sound!


October 10th, 2010 | By QGODFEAR

Our childrens education is vital to their future survival anywhere on this planet. Today's education is a continued episode in the "Dumbing Down of our Society". We must all stand for something or continue to fall for anything. Without learning to read, write, communicate, the basics on a computer, or math, the majority of our children will become the problem(s) and not the solution(s). The solution, or the "root truth" will be buried so deep, that it will become irrelevant and will allow those educated to completely exploit and pin down our future generations. The Truth shall set us all free and what you don't know, you will pay for! Please view this Trailer below and support WAITING FOR SUPERMAN, The Movie.

Kanye West’s “Power”: The Occult Meaning of its Symbols??

October 8th, 2010 | By QGODFEAR

Kanye West’s “Power” is a short, almost stationary video that manages to tell a profound story in symbolic language. By decoding the occult meaning of the symbols present in this moving tableau, the viewer discovers who really holds the “power” in the world and understands the story of Kanye West’s initiation. Rapper and producer Kanye West has always found a way to stand out from the crowd. His video Power is no exception. It differs from the MTV norm in many regards, whether you look at the content or the form. The duration of the video, the filming style and the subject matter are quite distinct from today’s typical rap videos as it is short (1:43), filmed in a single shot (compared to the one-shot-per-second standard of music videos) and is very rich in archetypal symbolism. Director Marco Brambilla sought to depict the concept of power in the form of a “video tableau”, a moving painting that slowly reveals itself to the viewer with a continuous camera movement. For Power, Brambilla went for a neo-classic aesthetic, but still created a piece full of symbolic and cultural references. If you haven’t seen it, copy this link below to check it out PLEASE READ THIS ARTICLE WRITTEN BY VIGILANT, IN IT'S ENTIRETY AT AND SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS BELOW.


October 7th, 2010 | By QGODFEAR

QGODFEAR goes in hard lyrically from beginning to end with his NEW 7 Track Super Slappin CD titled "THE GOSPITAL" Featuring Classic Hits such as HIGHER, WALK OF A CHRISTIAN, and SHACKLES. This CD has features with Bay Area Artists such as QUEEN VICTORIA, Ty-P & POETIQ. "On this CD I wanted to give the audience my ministry and not cloud, the message that GOD is sending through me, by having numerous features on every track. With this CD you are sure to feel my ministry" - QGODFEAR QGODFEAR's Anointing, Heartfelt Lyrical Deliverance Over Hard Beats, and Diverse Style are sure to bless each and every ear that checks in to THE GOSPITAL. Be sure and browse for your single(s) or full length copy of QGODFEAR "THE GOSPITAL".


October 6th, 2010 | By QGODFEAR

"BLESSED AND CURSED" the New DVD Starring Deitrick Haddon, Damita Haddon, Karen Clark-Sheard, KiKi Sheard, Dr.Bobby Jones, Lil Irocc Williams, Drew Sidora, Sheryl Lee Ralph and More. This film starts off a bit shaky, but once your past the first 10 minutes, your pulled into this awesome true to life storyline and will begin to relate to Deitricks struggles with the Flesh and Spirit, letting go and letting God. Ultimately this film was a blessing and not a curse to the viewer with fairly good acting as Mr. Deitrick Haddon overcomes and continues to break down walls for the New Sound that has taken over the Church, all for the Glory of God. I give the film and 8 out of 10, and will say it is a must see for any Saved or Unsaved individual that wants a closer look into the Church of today. This film shows how important it is to stay completely focused on the vision that God has given you, and how satan will creep in,try to steal it, kill it or destroy it. We must learn to endure, and not give up on our God given dreams in order to bring our life vision into fruition.


October 1st, 2010 | By QGODFEAR

Alex Jones created this thought provoking Video entitled The Obama Deception. He speaks on government plans for a New World Order, Plans to collapse our World economy, Loss of Real Estate, A Policed Nation, Fema Camps being set up right now for any American uprising from what may be the largest "Jack Move" in history!
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