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When I was a child you could not tell me that the The Ringling Barnum & Bailey Circus was not the Greatest Show on Earth! As a child I would sit in the audience swingin my lil “Circus Light” high in the air that my mother had purchased for me on the way to our seats. I will never forget seeing all the Red and Blue lights through the dark arena of other children twirling their lights through the air. The excitement always surpassed the escence of “Animal funk” that permeated throughout the building.

This morning I received an email from Live Nation stating that tickets for the Greatest Show on Earth was coming to town. The first thing I thought was When? How much? Which arena? I continued to read the information and at the bottom of the page, it stated this years Circus theme was “DRAGONS”. I then google searched online what “DRAGONS” represented! After reading the first four “Man Created” definitions/Links of what Dragons meant, inside different cultures. I discovered that Dragons meant Wisdom, Power, Magical Ability, amongst other positive things. As my spirit tugged at me from within, I naturally wanted to know what the bible had to say about “DRAGONS”. I then searched DRAGONS in the bible and Revelation 12 – The Woman and the Dragon popped up.

Revelation 12:7-9 Then war broke out in heaven. Michael and his angels fought against the dragon, and the dragon and his angels fought back. But he was not strong enough, and they lost their place in heaven. The great dragon was hurled down—that ancient serpent called the devil, or Satan, who leads the whole world astray. He was hurled to the earth, and his angels with him. After watching this video, there were 2 things that stood out to me, with the first being the song that they sung asked it’s listener “THE SPIRIT OF THE DRAGON, DOES IT LIVE IN YOU?” and the second thing that stood out was at exactly 0.58 Seconds in the video they showed a Goat, which spiritually means to me “BAPHOMET”.

At this point in my Christ Walk my eyes have been opened unto “Spiritual Communication” and when DRAGONS are celebrated, the imagery is clearly celebrating the desire of Satan as stated inside his heart in Isaiah 14:13-14 “You said in your heart, I will ascend to the heavens; I will raise my throne above the stars of God; I will sit enthroned on the mount of assembly, on the utmost heights of Mount Zaphon. I will ascend above the tops of the clouds;Needless to say my Greatest Show On Earth will be the Coming of the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords, the Triune GOD, Father Son and the Holy Spirit and not a Circus. Please open your eyes to the Great Corporate deception now taking place through entertainment. God Bless You Always..


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To the Uncertain, Doubtful and/ or NON-Believers of God’s only begotten Son Jesus Christ!


I would not personally be able to say so unless I’ve experienced Demonic encounter. I have never and plan on never going to Hell, but have come eye to eye with a Demon.

Now for the average person just tryin to come up or pay some bills, this seems extreme or over the top right? But let’s look at it this way… We will all die some day and for some, unfortunately TODAY is that day in which you will meet Christ or Satan. There is NO GREY area here or No Middle ground resting place. One day you will truly meet Christ or You will meet our life long mental deceiver Satan. My question to all mankind is WHY WOULD YOU RISK YOUR ETERNITY?, aka YOUR ETERNAL FUTURE? by thinking “ Ahh Religion is a mess OR QGODFEAR is trippin, OR Man whatever Dawg, it ain’t no Heaven or Hell, OR GOD ain’t neva did nuthin for me, OR Christian Pastors be rippin people off, OR my current Religion is enough for my Peace right now and forevermore. THESE ARE ALL SOME OF THE LIES AND EXCUSES from whispering evil spirits that come to Steal, Kill, and/or Destroy YOU. This belief will end your Body and Soul down in Flames that you will not truly know is real until it becomes your ETERNAL HOME in which there is NO WAY OUT! This life is your choice..

Take the first step TODAY and ask JESUS right now, to come unto you and show you that he is real. Be not afraid, open your heart and say these words right now, “Lord Jesus I am a Sinner, and I come to you right now and ask that you forgive me for my Sins. Please show me that you are real GOD, set me free from the burdens of this world, Free my mind body and Soul from Hell Lord, Open my eye’s to see the truth, and give me the discernment to know right from wrong. Reveal the Soldiers that are for me, from the Snakes that are against me GOD, Show me your way, Your Light, Your Love, Your Mercy, Cover me in the Blood of Jesus Lord & Never leave me God, and please keep my Soul from Hell by any of your means necessary” Pray this everyday and add to it if you like, but remember to have FAITH that GOD will bring you what you are asking him for. Prayer is what moves GOD’s army into Action & HOPE with FAITH will activate the miracles in your life. Lastly, DO NOT play with your eternity as you will surely enter the gates of Peace or the Gates of Hell oneday.

Please watch the Video below about Bill Wiese’s experience “23 Minutes in Hell” and also Search “Mary K. Baxter” right here on for Mary’s experiences in Hell!


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Martin Lawrence, Dave Chapelle, Maria Carey , Mike Tyson, Sade, to name a few must be strong individuals because they are normal people like you and I, that have made it to celebrity status/Fame. Each of these mentally strong individuals have “Break downs or Mental Shutdowns” in common at one point or another in their careers. What I mean is…At one time or another the weight of fame and its soul draining demands brought each of them to the verge of destruction.

All of us artists whether Actors, Gospel, Secular, Tap dancing, Graphic Art, or with Video Production skills have an opportunity to “BLOW UP” as preparation meets opportunity. If and when we do become successful we must be spiritually grounded enough to not sell our souls for this fame as it does have “strings” attached. Set your standards NOW! Have morals NOW! Have JESUS in your life as soul protection and spiritual guidance TODAY!, as the devil and his army are waiting to use your talents and gifts given from GOD for his glory, his mission, his purpose, do not be deceived on today. Personally I’m comfortable being a “multi- thousandaire” and do not have the want to be extremely wealthy as that potential misery is not worth it.

BUT what is going on inside of Hollywood as Dave Chapelle puts it in the video below? that can or will in fact test or destroy the strong, talented, perservering soul? What’s really going on behind all the Shine, Glitz, and glamour that television presents to us all, that has many of us sucked in and believing the hype? I recently took a trip to Hollywood, and for those of you that have not been to Hollywood, it is NOT at all what television makes it out to be. For example, worldwide we all watch the Academy Awards, Grammy Awards, The Oscars, etc., and have seen the Kodak Theatre(Pictured above) or even the HOLLYWOOD sign that sits beyond the smog in the hills of HOLLYWOOD.

From the inside, Hollywood presents itself to the entire world as “the place to be” or “the place you should sell your soul to be”. These images presented have hidden the trashy streets on Sunset blvd., the poor begging street people, or the yelling alcoholics sitting at store fronts and doorways all over the Hollywood Blvd walk of fame. You can drive up and down the streets right around the corner from the Kodak theater and see trashy looking low income apartments that badly need remodeling. My point of telling it like it is on today, is that “things” in this natural earth are never exactly what they seem to be. We as a people have been injected with this natural thinking since birth through Hollywood’s distorted visual through television, NOW in FULL HD. FULL HD or LED with color so bright you can almost smell or taste what your viewing.

I mean who really lives like the Brady Bunch?, or the Cleavers on Leave it to Beaver? Beaver & Wally’s mother June had hair that remained flawless on every episode with both of these shows NEVER showing a messy home. When the cleavers bedroom scenes were shown, June & Ward had separate beds!! This is not reality, and if this is your reality in 2012 only GOD knows what your hiding under this “façade”(pronounced fuh-sahd).

We live in the natural where we are all given a choice on how to live, to praise God, or not to praise God, but to those reading this that do know GOD, do not except into your spirit, Hollywood’s natural “Reality Television” beliefs as they come from hell. GOD dwells and sends our blessings to us SUPER NATURALLY, inside our natural being here on planet earth! There is nothing the “Natural” can show God, or “Game God up on” as he created the Natural. God has preserved a SUPER NATURAL discernment, a shield, Peace, Joy, Love and worthy existence through his only son Jesus Christ.

No matter how clean we are at times, things can get stinky, need to be refreshed, and/or get a little messy from time to time, as we are human beings and none are perfect. In closing I will say, stay close to God, and do not believe everything you see or hear without seeking the truth for yourself. As we intelligent people should know, “the worst truth is where there is a lie hidden inside”

Please watch the videos on or below with words from Dave Chapelle questioning “What’s really behind it all in Hollywood”


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TECHNOLOGY is something else! Check out the video below of TUPAC SHAKUR at the Coachella Music Festival in Indio, CA 2012 performing hit songs such as “Gangsta Party” with SNOOP DOGG on stage & “HAIL MARY” in which DR. DRE had the word “KILLUMINATI” edited out, which is spoken by TUPAC in the original version of his song “HAIL MARY”(Hmmm, wonder why)

What an awesome impact TUPAC obviously made for living folks to have the desire, to actually spend the time resurrecting his Image & Voice…I also could not help but notice how DR. DRE and SNOOP obviously had to resurrect a dead man for some “sales”. Now, I hear DR. DRE may be sending the TUPAC hologram on tour as part of his show! Afeni Shakur gave the okay for the Coachella event, and I’m sure she will get big money for allowing a tour of her late son’s image & voice.

What a powerful Soldier for GOD, TUPAC SHAKUR could have been if living today. Quite possibly too powerful in his message for the “elite”. May the soul of TUPAC SHAKUR Rest in Eternal Peace.

** In no way is promoting the profanity used in this video footage so please use descretion while listening.


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Our prayers for Jason Russell must continue in order for him to spiritually heal. The fight for basic human rights in Africa have truly begun! May the mighty wind of truth found only in the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit be 110% behind the success in achieving this bold and liberating mission. Be Blessed.


March 22nd, 2012 | By admin

As I watched the video The Invisible Children – KONY 2012, a documentary film about African warlord Joseph Kony created by Jason Russell, I truly felt his cause and the wind beind it. but behind every cause there is a reaction. The reaction to his 2012 KONY video has been positive and informative to almost 85 MILLION viewers on You Tube in under 3 weeks!!. As we “grown folks” should know with all Positivity flows negativity, closely. Many critics said the film oversimplifies a complex problem and promotes “slacktivism,” aka action that does little to fix the problem. I agree with this criticism also as if you cut KONY down, another KONY immediately grows. In many parts of Africa “Witchcraft” is deeply practiced and some are so powerful that they can send evil spirits upon a Soul faster than email.


I believe with any resistance MOVEMENT in Spirit & Truth, GOD must be put to the forefront to be truly “successful” and not be deemed “IN VAIN”. When I say “successful” I mean does your Movement liberate people to Speak up? Does your Movement Promote life,liberty and Freedom? Does your Movement promote relationship with GOD? Whatever your Movement, even if it’s only telling a Co-Worker about how good God is, ” Oh what a fire, a small flame can spark”. Either our Souls carry the LIGHT of GOD inside them, or DARKNESS from hell discretly or LOUDLY portraying to be LIGHT so take GOD with you even inside your dreams.

Jason Russell I’m sure will come out of this “Hikup” and in no way does GODFEAR MOVEMENT hurray his meltdown. We will PRAY FOR HIS SOUL to learn, be uplifted, renewed, and to continue the fight for righteousness in which GOD, The GREAT I AM, The Beggining & End, is the author. May the Blood of Jesus Christ cover him and his family.

Psalm 91:4 He will cover you with his feathers,and under his wings you will find refuge;his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart.

“[The Armor of God] Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes.” Ephesians 6:10-11

As you watch the Video at the bottom of the page on , anyone with sharp “Spiritual Discernment” can see through the quick jolts and stern body movements, Jason Russell was Demonically possessed. Watch the “Devil” hand sign he quickly throws up at 11 seconds! At this point he was no longer his own, but spiritually consumed by evil.

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