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Much respect to former Sick Wid It /JIVE Recording artist Celly Cell for using his "Fame Stage" to send a treal message about Jesus Christ to the masses. In his song "ETERNAL LIFE" off of his last Studio Album for Jive Records titled G-FILEZ he boldly states "Now they gone off HOP(Heroin) in the Sea of Snapple, raised in the Church, Hit the Turf then switch, Mad at the world, now you down with the triple 6, and Satan got these youngstas facin the nation, before you talk triple 6 read Revelation, thats the Mark of the Beast, ain't no Peace, Burn in Eternal Flames the Pain don't cease, The Father, The Son, and the Holy Spirit, is the only way but you playas don't wanna hear it" Bottom Line: In this Music Industry if ya ain't doin what The Beast, 666, Satan aka the First Known Liar wants, it will clearly take a Mighty Move Of God to place those light filled souls strategically inside the walls of Hollywood, to boldly speak, sing, and/or rap the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Please listen to "ETERNAL LIFE" by Bay Area Rapper CELLY CELL below or on


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The NEW FULL HD, Music Video by QGODFEAR and animated by the talented Kelly Brown, titled "GOD BE WITH ME" took a total of 4 1/2 months to complete, which is a rather short time in comparison to the years it took Disney/Pixar to create "Toy Story" or "Finding Nemo". This GODFEAR MOVEMENT independent project was truly a journey into the intricate & arduous world of Cartoon Video Animation. I actually thought this would be easier than doing a LIVE music video and boy was I wrong. Coming up with the storyline that would grab the people's attention,then deeply impact their lives from the start was a challenge. Mentally seeing, then creating characters in such full detail(Clothing, Voices, Movements, etc) that the audience I felt would relate too was not an easy task, all while driving a come to the light message. This project truly stretched my creativity and took great patience" - QGODFEAR Major illustration talent, Mr. Kelly Brown brought QGODFEARs vision to virtual life by animating the video while QGODFEAR wrote, conceptualized, assisted with sound effects, and performed all voices. The eclectic "GOD BE WITH ME" track (taken from QGODFEAR's latest SOUL MUSIC CD on itunes) was Produced by Ty Tha Artist, which is also the designer of Please enjoy and share with the world! 1 Luv, Be Blessed, & Thank you for watching:) *Also those of you, that do not see a video link please click here to view this exclusive, heartfelt animated video

I dare you…..

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On today it’s becoming more and more obvious that many folks are going through tough financial times, with so many people “frontin” like they aren’t broke, or going broke. From the outside looking in, the only thing that seems to be falsely holding them afloat is there pride. Pride is a lie of the flesh! On today I dare you to humble yourself, let go, let God, decrease, and allow his spirit to increase through you. Mass media such as VH1, MTV, BET, Clear Channel Radio Stations, CNN, ABC, NBC, BBC and more, continue to promote the “Everyone MUST have Money, & Gotta Get Money by any Means” façade. We have all watched the music industry come "alive" for what it truly is. In the video posted below (or on from “rap minister” TYGA of Cash Money Records, he adds fuel to satan’s flames from hell, which are being breathed upon our children and mankind as a whole for mental digestion,lifestyle consideration, with the goal of eternal damnation. At exactly 8 Seconds into this video you will hear a subtle, female voice that clearly says "Be nice to Satan". In the images above please notice the subtle or sometimes blatant demonic imagery, and symbols. I dare you on today to not continue turning your cheek to this blasphemy from “The World”, as this War with Words, Visual, & Out right disrespect for the King of Kings, Lord of Lords & Our Father GOD continues. All throughout the music industry across all genres use your discernment as most of these artists are not using there Triune God given talents maturely. The worst part is the Gospel Music Industry and Church have also been affected by satan’s demonic influences. I dare you on today to decrease your “Swag” or who you, your friends, or your family has puffed you up to be! and allow the spirit of GOD through his son Jesus Christ to work through you on today. I dare you to tell someone something uplifting, tell someone God Loves them, and that he is now waiting for them to call his name, in this great time of need. I dare you to tell someone that GOD is REAL, I dare you to repost this blog on your Twitter, My Space, Facebook, etc. I double dare you to ask Jesus to come into you, and sharpen your discernment so tough, that you begin to see the lies that this world has us all believing in through Politics, & Propaganda fed to us through mass media. I dare you to be bolder in your Spiritual Life Walk for your own souls sake, by seeking out your method to this Spiritual War we are all engaged in. I dare you to seek out a true one on one intimate relationship with Jesus Christ, and not just a relationship with Church. Christ will make his face shine upon you, give you grace as he is the Great I AM, and the Waymaker when you see no way in sight. Many are called but few are chosen! “The worst off, kind of Soldier is the kind that does not clearly see the Raging War or battleground that he or she is standing in” – QGODFEAR One Love, & Be Blessed Always….


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The DIA or Denver International Airport according to the video on the DIA has a 300,000 Square foot city or bunker built under it!! and is not the only know United States Bunker that exists. Some Conspiracy theorists have come forth with solid knowledge that this airport was funded by the Freemasons and deemed the "New World Airport". The DIA officially opened for flights on February 28, 1995, and has a solar energy system that provides 3.5 million kilowatt-hours of energy per year and uses 9,200 solar panels made by Sharp, Originally designed to power a jail. The 33,457 acres (52.277 sq mi; 135.40 km2) of land occupied by the airport is nearly twice the land area of Manhattan! Sounds "bunkerish" to me... Please take some time and view the alarming video's and demonic message sending artwork above on that adorns the walls of the Denver International Airport! DISCERN, and connect the dots for yourself. God be with us all! Click here for Images


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When I was a child you could not tell me that the The Ringling Barnum & Bailey Circus was not the Greatest Show on Earth! As a child I would sit in the audience swingin my lil "Circus Light" high in the air that my mother had purchased for me on the way to our seats. I will never forget seeing all the Red and Blue lights through the dark arena of other children twirling their lights through the air. The excitement always surpassed the escence of “Animal funk” that permeated throughout the building. This morning I received an email from Live Nation stating that tickets for the Greatest Show on Earth was coming to town. The first thing I thought was When? How much? Which arena? I continued to read the information and at the bottom of the page, it stated this years Circus theme was "DRAGONS". I then google searched online what "DRAGONS" represented! After reading the first four “Man Created” definitions/Links of what Dragons meant, inside different cultures. I discovered that Dragons meant Wisdom, Power, Magical Ability, amongst other positive things. As my spirit tugged at me from within, I naturally wanted to know what the bible had to say about "DRAGONS". I then searched DRAGONS in the bible and Revelation 12 – The Woman and the Dragon popped up. Revelation 12:7-9 Then war broke out in heaven. Michael and his angels fought against the dragon, and the dragon and his angels fought back. But he was not strong enough, and they lost their place in heaven. The great dragon was hurled down—that ancient serpent called the devil, or Satan, who leads the whole world astray. He was hurled to the earth, and his angels with him. After watching this video, there were 2 things that stood out to me, with the first being the song that they sung asked it’s listener “THE SPIRIT OF THE DRAGON, DOES IT LIVE IN YOU?” and the second thing that stood out was at exactly 0.58 Seconds in the video they showed a Goat, which spiritually means to me “BAPHOMET”. At this point in my Christ Walk my eyes have been opened unto “Spiritual Communication” and when DRAGONS are celebrated, the imagery is clearly celebrating the desire of Satan as stated inside his heart in Isaiah 14:13-14 “You said in your heart, I will ascend to the heavens; I will raise my throne above the stars of God; I will sit enthroned on the mount of assembly, on the utmost heights of Mount Zaphon. I will ascend above the tops of the clouds;Needless to say my Greatest Show On Earth will be the Coming of the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords, the Triune GOD, Father Son and the Holy Spirit and not a Circus. Please open your eyes to the Great Corporate deception now taking place through entertainment. God Bless You Always..


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To the Uncertain, Doubtful and/ or NON-Believers of God’s only begotten Son Jesus Christ! HELL IS REAL… I would not personally be able to say so unless I’ve experienced Demonic encounter. I have never and plan on never going to Hell, but have come eye to eye with a Demon. Now for the average person just tryin to come up or pay some bills, this seems extreme or over the top right? But let’s look at it this way… We will all die some day and for some, unfortunately TODAY is that day in which you will meet Christ or Satan. There is NO GREY area here or No Middle ground resting place. One day you will truly meet Christ or You will meet our life long mental deceiver Satan. My question to all mankind is WHY WOULD YOU RISK YOUR ETERNITY?, aka YOUR ETERNAL FUTURE? by thinking “ Ahh Religion is a mess OR QGODFEAR is trippin, OR Man whatever Dawg, it ain’t no Heaven or Hell, OR GOD ain’t neva did nuthin for me, OR Christian Pastors be rippin people off, OR my current Religion is enough for my Peace right now and forevermore. THESE ARE ALL SOME OF THE LIES AND EXCUSES from whispering evil spirits that come to Steal, Kill, and/or Destroy YOU. This belief will end your Body and Soul down in Flames that you will not truly know is real until it becomes your ETERNAL HOME in which there is NO WAY OUT! This life is your choice.. Take the first step TODAY and ask JESUS right now, to come unto you and show you that he is real. Be not afraid, open your heart and say these words right now, “Lord Jesus I am a Sinner, and I come to you right now and ask that you forgive me for my Sins. Please show me that you are real GOD, set me free from the burdens of this world, Free my mind body and Soul from Hell Lord, Open my eye’s to see the truth, and give me the discernment to know right from wrong. Reveal the Soldiers that are for me, from the Snakes that are against me GOD, Show me your way, Your Light, Your Love, Your Mercy, Cover me in the Blood of Jesus Lord & Never leave me God, and please keep my Soul from Hell by any of your means necessary” Pray this everyday and add to it if you like, but remember to have FAITH that GOD will bring you what you are asking him for. Prayer is what moves GOD's army into Action & HOPE with FAITH will activate the miracles in your life. Lastly, DO NOT play with your eternity as you will surely enter the gates of Peace or the Gates of Hell oneday. Please watch the Video below about Bill Wiese’s experience “23 Minutes in Hell” and also Search “Mary K. Baxter” right here on for Mary’s experiences in Hell!
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