October 23rd, 2015 | By QGODFEAR


The painted picture above speaks volumes…
To me this image paints a picture of

1. Slavery
2. Oppression
3. Subservience
4. Rape of the entire Black Race
5. Division
6. Torture
7. Beauty, Strength & Endurance inside Black Women
8. Hate

When we look at Slavery, at face value…Most of us Black, Chinese, Japanese, Latino, Indian, Italian and some White folks will Blame the classic “White Man” for this oppression. In my opinion the White Man is not to blame 100% for the Rape, Abuse and Torture of Black People. Yes, the White Man in Power then and today have a choice to treat all people like Human beings. However we must recognize and internalize what God says in the scripture below

Ephesians 6:12
For we wrestle not against flesh and blood(MAN), but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places(Satan’s Army of Demonic Force).

If we are to continue blaming a race for the destruction of our people we are not incorrect, as folks do have choices on whom they will serve. But we absolutely must look at the real enemy or String puller behind the minds of the Evil person. His name is Satan(Not White, Not Black, but a Spirit), the ruler of Hell whom has Demons strategically placed throughout the earth in Legions, inside Regions, strategically set up to Spiritually battle mankind through his or her own mind. Satan’s mission is strengthened by our ability to not see him, so therefore the non-spiritual individual or luke warm Christian will question Satans existence and blame life events to mere chance.

This is Gods act and we are all actors in it playing our part inside Gods holy design. When we die the “role” that we played (Slave Master, Ho, Gigolo, Gay Man or Woman, Pimp, Drug Dealer, Preacher, Satanic Worshipper, Atheist, Christian, Believer or Non Believer) will have led us to either Heaven or Hell. We all have a final and eternal place for our Souls. Where will yours be?

Ecclesiastes 9:11-12 I returned, and saw under the sun, that the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, neither yet bread to the wise, nor yet riches to men of understanding, nor yet favour to men of skill; but time and chance happeneth to them all.
For man also knoweth not his time: as the fishes that are taken in an evil net, and as the birds that are caught in the snare; so are the sons of men snared in an evil time, when it falleth suddenly upon them.

May you take a look at your own Sin and expose the true enemy(The Spirit, Satan), in your life and allow God through his Son Jesus and his Holy Word, to purge you, keep you and lift you to Holy heights currently unknown. Be Blessed always.

– John “QGODFEAR” Chapple


October 15th, 2015 | By QGODFEAR

The TRUTH runs deeper than all Human comprehension. We receive fragments of the TRUTH in our lifetime, If truly received we can be blessed with this knowledge thereof.

When the TRUTH is excepted by us, with it comes accountability. The TRUTH boldly demands to be felt, heard and seen, all on Gods time.

We were all born to know Right from Wrong as GOD given instinct is tied to our Discernment within.

The LIE runs deeper than all Human comprehension. It runs so deep that it strives for parallelity, with the TRUTH. The LIE will spend your lifetime, using worldly tools to destroy your GOD given instinct of Discernment.
We receive fragments of the LIE within our lifetime, set up to deceive us all. As you should know, The TRUTH and the LIE both have their own agendas.

The agenda for TRUTH is to bring light to our Hearts & Minds as cleansing water for our souls. The ROOT of all TRUTH is found in the “GODHead” of the Father, The Son Jesus, & The Holy Spirit .
The LIE is Satan. The LIE is Hell. The LIE is Demonic. The LIE cannot be defeated without Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior.

Separation through Deception is now in “turn up” mode. God through prophecy, that will be fulfilled, has set up the False Prophets. God through prophecy has given YOU a choice to serve the LIE or His TRUTH.
The LIE & the TRUTH each have a final pay day or wage for you giving your Mind, Body and Soul.
For the TRUTH this pay day or wage is called ETERNAL PARADISE or HEAVEN, in which you will dwell with GOD eternally for simply denying yourself(Your Fleshly desires) and following his ways and decrees.
For the LIE this pay day or wage is called ETERNAL HELL, LAKE OF FIRE, HADES, or ETERNAL RETRIBUTION.

By you living life as a successful Money Maker, You have a Beautiful Home, Cars, Bikes Man Cave and Man Toys OR
You are Broken, Life is Hard OR all you want to do is Snort coke, Sell dope, Pimp or Smoke weed… I ask you today, whomever you are….

Do you know Jesus? Have you read God’s Holy Word or excepted Christ as Lord and Savior?
If your answer is NO….You are deceived and blinded by Satan’s LIE that “You do not need a Savior” and you are on your way to an ETERNAL HELL.

I bet I sound CRAZY don’t I??
But if what I am saying is “TRUTH” and you deny it now….Later, you are going to look awfully crazy, trying for an Eternity, to claw & beg your way out of HELL’S ETERNAL PIT.

Revelation 9:6 During those days people will seek death but will not find it; they will long to die, but death will elude them.

Would you Come to know Christ today?? Tomorrow is not promised.

I dare YOU, whatever your circumstance to be bold RIGHT NOW and just for the heck of it, ask Jesus to come into your life, and Change your heart towards him, for none of us are perfect.

I am not saying your success is not of GOD, or your Brokenness is a curse from God, but Satan can use “Worldly” things or circumstances to deceive you into staying away from all things GOD.

Satan works to Steal, Kill and Destroy each of us through our minds….(Spiritual Warfare)
We can be righteous and be aware about Chem-trails, New World Order, Fluoridated Water, Global Genocide, Demonic Agenda’s etc…
But simply put, without Christ you are on your way to a Demon filled HELL.

Repent for the time is at hand.
THIS LIFE IS NOT A GAME…It’s your Choice for whom you will choose, The TRUTH or THE LIE.

Be Blessed,

Ecclesiastes 9:11 I have seen something else under the sun: The race is not to the swift or the battle to the strong, nor does food come to the wise or wealth to the brilliant or favor to the learned; but time and chance happen to them all.



October 13th, 2015 | By QGODFEAR

At this current time in history many of us are going through Corporate downsizing, job loss or just all around change. If you are not going through Change, you can smell it in the air.
OBAMA sure didn’t lie when he used “CHANGE” as his campaign slogan….
Through reorganization or position restructuring we can see folks we feel that don’t deserve opportunities get them, and people that deserve these opportunities tossed to the wayside.

Weighing everything Spiritual…GOD says in
Mark 12:17 Then Jesus said to them, “Give back to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s.” So let go and let GOD!

During these quite humbling times of drastic “Changes in our current”, we must Lean not unto our own understanding, and truly humble ourselves.

Luke 14:11 For all those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted.”

When God closes one door, he will open many more for you as he has plans to prosper each of us!

When an athlete is running to eventually jump, he or she may go low first, to then propel him or herself to go HIGHER.

So as we travel through the 3 cycles in life, it is okay for us to go low, for in that lowly position of change, we will eventually be made high, according to the Most high Holy word of God.

When your low, the only place to go is up….So embrace CHANGE as God moves you further into your purpose.

Keep your head up & May you Keep your Faith in Christ Jesus as he is The Way maker.
Walk by Faith and Not by Sight, and be carefully discerning with what you hear as well.

God Bless,
John Chapple


October 8th, 2015 | By QGODFEAR

Each day we wake up on one or the other side of the bed. Our feelings upon awakening can depend on our current “happiness” status. Last night’s argument/disagreement, economic situation, Last night’s enlightening dream or nightmare.

When we wake up every morning the spirit of GOD and Satan are there. It is up to us to choose which side we will ride and die for. If you choose GOD, I encourage you as well as myself to dive in wholeheartedly. Do not doubt yourself, your passions and your dreams, for these things can come into fruition. “If you believe it, you can achieve it, If you can see it you can be it” Choose to look towards the hills from whence comes your help!

Read Psalm 121

If we choose to “Step in the name of LOVE” then we must let LOVE which is GOD, guide our thoughts and actions, daily.
What this means to me is making our greatest attempt in surrendering wholeheartedly each day to God’s will as HIS WILL BE DONE.
Make yourself apart of GOD’s will by following his commands the best you can, with no shortcuts and all grind. Build your relationship with God by talking to him, and laying down your worries with him. God is willing and able to do above, and beyond any abundance you can humanly imagine, for he is GOD.

This life has thrown “boulders” at many of us, but GOD’s word states in Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ Jesus whom strengthens me. Once again I encourage each of us to dive in to the Father, Son and The Holy Spirit each day that we wake up by setting our minds on the things above!

Luke 10:19 Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you.

“Believe and you will achieve, and when you have achieved it, with God you’ll have succeeded”

One Love,



October 7th, 2015 | By QGODFEAR


October 1st, 2015 | By QGODFEAR

Does your Church talk about Demons and Angels or even touch the Book of Revelation in the Bible?

Does your Church mostly talk about Prosperity and how God wants you to live in abundance?

Does your Church focus on Saint Christopher, Saint John, Saint Teresa or the Pope more than Jesus Christ?

If you are not a Church goer and lean unto your own “Way to the light” are you aware of Demons and Angels? Are you cognizant that you are no match alone for the wiles of Satan’s mental trickery? Are you aware that Jesus Christ can Save your Soul?

Demonic Forces as well as Angelic Forces in the Heavenly Realms do exist as I am a witness to their existence.
I am a witness to the Power of God to break Satan’s rule over your life.
I am aware that GOD lives in His Word as Well as Outside his Word.
His truth is not just in the Church or upon your Pastors tongue. His truth is the air your Breathe and all around you!
I am aware that God does speak every language known to mankind as well as “Body Language” and does have Sense of Humor.

Whom do you know that can speak every language in every dialect without moving his lips? GOD can.
Some may say Satan can speak and understand every language as well!
Not true, as Satan cannot understand when man “Speaks in tongues” to God.
The God Head wins.

Has your pastor had a Demonic encounter? What made your Pastor become a Pastor?
Has your Pastor given you his or her testimony? What brought them to Christ?
And What keeps your pastor or friends in Christ, fighting to stay there?

Ask yourself, your Pastor or your friends in the Lord these fitting questions,
then use your DISCERNMENT, to know the truth…

A lie can hurt for a lifetime…..But the Truth only hurts for a moment

Please watch the video below or here and see the Power Of God, break hells chains on a soul and his Power to change a life! Praise God!

May you who have read this or just visited my website,
Be Blessed in The arms of the Lord and may his everlasting Love surround you always!

Discernment: 1. the ability to judge well.”an astonishing lack of discernment”
2. (in Christian contexts) perception in the absence of judgment with a view to obtaining spiritual direction and understanding.

Speaking in Tongues:

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