October 22nd, 2012 | By admin

My First look at the GAME’s CD Cover was, “WOW This is out right Disrespectful”. Disrespectful in the sense that he is portraying My Personal Savior, The only Son in the Triune God, My Redeemer, My Souls Shield, My when the world turns on me, he’s there for me..everytime, My Provider, My Sanity, My Forgiveness, and so much more W.K.A(World Known As) Jesus Christ portrayed as a Gang Banger throwin up a possible gang sign??? Then as I looked deeper into this cd cover I began to think, this IS Spiritual War we are ALL involved in, but why would Christ hide his face under a bandana and have a tattooed tear drop under his left eye??? Christ never hid from evil but faced it and conquered evil at every point of the Bible, even in his Crucifixion! Also I could not help but notice the two marijuana leaves above his left and right. BUT, What do you think about this CD Cover? Is it BLASPHEMY? DISRESPECTFUL? ON POINT? RIGHT ON TIME? A PROPER REPRESENTATION OF TODAYS CHURCH & VIEW OF JESUS CHRIST?WHAT DO YOU THINK??? Let’s go in on this one!!

  • Arielle Johnson

    I don’t view it as being disrespectful or blasphemous, but rather as the artist’s interpretation of what he was asked to and hired to create.  I try not to read into it too much because there is a lot of confusion here. More so than the marijuana leaves on the left and right, I noticed the palm trees. The sun rises in the East and sets in the West. The tree to our left is Dark, with no sun, but most closely resembles New York (East Coast), even though they threw a palm tree in there and it’s on the left indicating West; the tree on the right, with the setting sun indicates the light of the world which is in California now. The setting sun, the bandanna, and the bling Jesus piece indicate to me, someone is getting ready to get got. The fact that it is Jesus in the pic, means, a more violent form of Christianity may be on the way, and justified by a thugged out Robin Hood type of mentality. I view it as a counterattack on the profusion of youth who are seeking Christ in large numbers. This is lethal!