August 27th, 2012 | By admin

I started taping episodes of TRU TV’s “HardCore Pawn” TV Show on my DVR becase I thought it was funny at first. This reality show is about the GOLD family owned Pawn Shop “American Jewelry and Loan” out of Detroit’s 8 Mile area. HardCore Pawn consists of Les(The Owner and Father) Ashley (Les’s Daughter) and Seth(Les’s Son). First off, I will never hate on another Mans success, but when this show episode after episode, consists of the exploitation of African American’s, White Americans and other Less Fortunate People, I Cannot/Will not respect its success. They show some of the most low bottom hood folk situations in existence, and after a while you’ll notice that without this “Exploitation” this show would flop instantly. Bottom Line and Last Line….NO Props to Les and his spoiled, disrespectful children for the complete ‘Blaxploitation” displayed on TRU TV’s HardCore Pawn television show!!! Hard Core Pawn has purely gotten famous off the backs of oppressed White People, Black people and other folks purely down on there luck. I’m almost postive that this show puts no money back into the Detroit, 8 Mile Community that Les the owner claims he so Loves…Shame on you Les for you and your children treating everyday people the way you do!!

  • Alexander Freeman

    I agree. Pawn Stars is great viewing, but the lack of education and opportunity that Harcore Pawn’s clients displayis no laughing matter. Detroit is practically 3rd world! I cant watch that show.

  • Borden

    The show is disgusting. Even in reruns now, it still makes me cringe to watch how they treat human beings.