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God Bless Sister Denise Matthews formerly known as VANITY for turning from “The Life” and embracing the call of GOD upon her Spirit. Through her website at Denise Matthews is reaching out into the deep with Hope ignited by Faith to each of us. Let’s take some time and truly listen to what the spirit of GOD has placed on the heart of this powerful Woman of God Denise Matthews via her Book or by requesting that she call you personally. Please 1st email her your requests at

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  • i like it DENISE MATTHEWS “cry loudly against IT ON VANITY” | Godfear Movement : The Official dispose of QGodfear after this im your rss reader

  • Joey laney

    I have tried to reach it says it is shut down would like to know what’s going on I am her biggest fan and really needed guidance if there is any one who can help me I am going for my third round of Kemo and just would like her prayers God bless

    • Hi Joey,

      First of all I hope everything is well with you concerning your health. I happened to be searching different links on Denise Matthews and saw your question on this site. Here is another email address that was listed on her web page, hope this helps you…

  • delredd

    i love u as always the beautiful ms. denise matthews aka vanity. stay strong & sweet.

  • cleo

    shirley, god be the glory! I wish she could have helped whitney.

  • Freida

    I Thank God for her her testimoney helps me to stay strong in the Lord Jesus Christ.

  • Tim Ballard

    I met Denise in 1988 or maybe it was 1989 while I was a United States  Marine stationed at the Kaneohe Marine Corps Air Station located  on the Island of Oahu, Hawaii. She was part of the USO tour that visited the Enlisted Club. I accompanied her to the E- club and briefly hung out for a few moments. I found Denise to be a remarkable beautiful young lady . I was to be honest quite taken in by her smile. Being a young Marine , I figured she would not even talk to me ,but she was actually quite kind and genuinely compassionate. I am saddened to hear about the loss of her  two kidneys. However, I believe the Lord does save lives and he is the master physician. Hence as he saved my life, he is using Denise as a Disciple (teacher). She found the only true key to happiness that is not found in the temporary things   of human desire like money , fame, rather she know this life is short lived ,but heaven and the promise that Jesus gives us is if we love him keep his father’s commanmants. Hence she will be in heaven. I pray one day I will get to walk with Denis thoughout heaven and share our love of christ with one another.

    Denise if you are reading this message, please know that I will truly pray for you not as open ended words,but I will love you and pray for your  safety and continued walk with Jesus. Please write if you wish, for I would love to talk with you about our shared love and new found life in Christ.


    Tim Ballard
    (United States Marine (Retired)
    P.O. Box 7988
    San Francisco, Ca 94120

    • Blunted25

      Amen. May she now find rest in his arms.

  • Shaundrej

    Your amazing woman of God….

    • Lutricianjames

      Hey man to that she really is

  • Lutrician James-Davis

    Evangelist matthew is truly a woman of God. Regardless of all the negative comments about her being over zealous and off her rocker, from me personal experience with her, I have to share that she is all about truth and righteousness. Please be mindful that she that she can hear with one ear and the fact that she is on fire for Jesus and His commandments. Which may explain the overzealousness

  • Shakr Ua

    God Bless her soul she was so talented and beautiful

    Rest In PEACE