October 16th, 2010 | By admin

Social Network is a fascinating film on how only $19,000 dollars created the billion dollar social website FACEBOOK. This Movie shows us the genius, the greed, back biting, and the snakes involved in it’s creation. This movie reveals how toes will get stepped on while climbing the corporate ladder to Big Business, while also confirming the notion that business is business, whether friends or not. After watching the Social Network you will be reminded to always handle your legal work properly in any business venture. This film will inspire many to come up with the next genius idea, or Social Network. Please review the Trailer below for more!

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  • First off i want to say that the look of this film was very sophisticated, it was very stylised in looking fresh and stunning. Also Jesse Eisenberg was beyond amazing as Mark Zukerberg. He really played the role of a person with a lack of social skills with intelligence very well and he stole the show, without him this film would not have worked. Justin Timerlake was really good as well, his character i am not a fan of but still, he acted really well in this film. The rest of the acting was good as well. Andrew Garfield acted OK in this film, not to be praised as much as Jesse but still a good performance. But why did he have to be the one who blasphemed throughout the whole movie! I think i have stated the positives of the film, but what really ruined it for me was the immorality found on this film. There were lots of party scenes where lesbian kissing took place, provocative dancing, drinking of alcohol, explicit use of drugs, swearing, some rude scenes. This really tainted the film and you could have done without it. It should have had a 15 rating, it’s a 12A so even a 8 year old could watch all that filth…that is a disturbing thought. A thing to note is that it felt that the film had no narrative structure, this is not necessarily a criticism but it felt that it was hard to see where the film was going to end up. Yes there were flashbacks and it was a bout a court case, but it felt the film was all on one level. It felt like going on a journey with the characters which was interesting. the film had great style and acting but it was tainted by the filth in this film.

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