October 1st, 2010 | By QGODFEAR

Alex Jones created this thought provoking Video entitled The Obama Deception. He speaks on government plans for a New World Order, Plans to collapse our World economy, Loss of Real Estate, A Policed Nation, Fema Camps being set up right now for any American uprising from what may be the largest “Jack Move” in history!

  • Obama’s policies blow, and his administration is in over their heads. He is spending us into an abyss and he has no understanding of economics.

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  • President Barack Obama said Monday he’s showing up on Mythbusters, now i won’t be able to get which episode he will show up. LOL

  • the bavarian illuminati underground fellowship was censored in 1784 because all clandestine clubs got banned by the new ruler

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  • Obama reneged on a campaign promise and as the nerve to chew out the Democrats for being pis*s*d with him. He’s insufferab­le. He has gut punched us one time too many. This is the last straw. I’m on the hunt for a challenger in 2012. He will NEVER get my vote once more. Spitzer, Dean, Bloomberg, Hillary, Franken, Richardson­, Hikenloope­r – anybody but Obama.

  • Shortly after Obama’s election their was talk among progressive activists that, to insure Obama follow’s through on his promises, in the way he had advertised them during his campaign, it will be necessary to mobilize and pressure him to do so. This of course didn’t happen. And there has been some progressive activism, but its been smaller, and less interesting to the media, than the Tea Party protests.