October 6th, 2010 | By QGODFEAR

“BLESSED AND CURSED” the New DVD Starring Deitrick Haddon, Damita Haddon, Karen Clark-Sheard, KiKi Sheard, Dr.Bobby Jones, Lil Irocc Williams, Drew Sidora, Sheryl Lee Ralph and More. This film starts off a bit shaky, but once your past the first 10 minutes, your pulled into this awesome true to life storyline and will begin to relate to Deitricks struggles with the Flesh and Spirit, letting go and letting God. Ultimately this film was a blessing and not a curse to the viewer with fairly good acting as Mr. Deitrick Haddon overcomes and continues to break down walls for the New Sound that has taken over the Church, all for the Glory of God. I give the film and 8 out of 10, and will say it is a must see for any Saved or Unsaved individual that wants a closer look into the Church of today. This film shows how important it is to stay completely focused on the vision that God has given you, and how satan will creep in,try to steal it, kill it or destroy it. We must learn to endure, and not give up on our God given dreams in order to bring our life vision into fruition.

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  • I get your web site from google and enjoyed the message above given. Never saw off the branch you are on, unless you are being hanged from it. ~Stanislaw Lec

  • Linda Wheeler

    Deitrick your movie was excellent. My friend went to Bishop Long’s Church and purchased your dvd. Everyone’s that goes to church need to see this dvd. I have been telling everyone about it. Both my sons are minister’s of music in different churches and they love your music. My oldest son said you are is favorite artist. I’m praying that your movie make it in the main stream. I love you too. I went out and purchased your album. I will continue to support your ministry. Stay strong. The movie inspired me to the realization that we should not put our trust in man, but GOD! Your wife played her part too.

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  • SLS

    TERRIBLE FILM (Blessed and Curse words) : THIS FILM IS HAZARDOUS TO TRUE CHRISTIAN BELIEVERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Comments will be harsh but it wont be no CUSSIN in them, i don’t do that, I’m delivered from that! Watched it just to see how far these gospel artist will go to compromise!

    As for critiquing the movie structure: Young Dwight didn’t even last long so what was the point of even showing himself young. No attention getter whatsoever; i guess the attention getter was all the big famous names in gospel??? The story plot, i do not get it, how is it that Dwight is delivered from fornication so quickly! There was no deliverance service no repentance, no Jesus Christ. It was depicted so unreal.
    There was no rising action, no climax, no falling action, no lesson. It really seemed like a self-righteous film showing TOO MUCH OF DEITRICK showcasing his TALENTS as Dwight! Speaking of talents why is it that within this movie as well as real life church folk always confused talent for the anointing? Folks said Tonex was anointed cuz he cud hit them HIGH notes but now he’s exposed that all along he was GAY, so was it the anointed then???or TALENT!!!

    Back to the self-righteousness of this film, the opening song first words by SUZZY was the some of the most anti-christ lyrics written : “If you want more record sales, then you gotta show more of yourself” when JESUS clearly says for us to DENY ourselves pick up our cross and follow HIM (Mat 16:24)!!!

    I don’t know who was first Tyler Perry or TD Jakes, but why is it now that every so called “christian” film is following this trend with getting away with cuss words in the scripts! What is a cussin christian??? As Christians we are to put off that old man of FILTHY LANGUAGE and put on a new man who is renewed… according to HIM that has created him Col 3:8

    In this movie, signing or shall i say screaming, record deals, tours, and music was more glorified in this film then Jesus, even though just about every gospel artist or minister will claim that their mission is to do a great work for Jesus. How can you do that and never even glorify him! We don’t even know if Dwight was saved, all we know is that he was a singing fornicating PK.

    Although i believe the film had no true Godly lesson, i got my own. I learned that I i were a practicing fornicator (which I’m not) that i can get up on stage, sing and dance around and make folks cry and have a powerful EMOTIONAL move, they will call me anointed confusing talent for the anointing, then i can write songs, record albums, and become famous, and self-righteous i.e. the very opposite of what Jesus tells us to do!

    Lastly,I jus knew some type of demonic symbolism was going to be in this film; what is a HEXOGRAM doing in a “christian” film???? It can be researched as the most DEMONIC film of SATAN!!!

    P.S. True christian believers, we’ve got to pray, because if these kinds of films are what’s passing for “christian” films then it can only get worse. The devil is NOT playing, if he can transform himself into an angel of light then he also can transform his ministers into ministers of righteous. It’s already enough that these so called “gospel” artist/ministers will even feature with the devil’s music artist and stars.

    Please listen to these teaching by Minister G. Craige Lewis; a powerful minister of GOD who preaches UNCOMPROMISABLE TRUTH!

    Talents are not Gifts teaching

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    Two Words: BLOG HEAVEN. I have hit the motherload, praise him.:)

  • I loved the movie Blessed and Cursed.. I knew wxactly what it was about and I do believe that whoever God wanted it to reach, it did! I faithfully watch this movie at least 6 times a week if not more! lol Well, just to comment on the other comments.. if it wasn’t powerful then you wouldn’t have any negative… with that being said .. Keep up the good work and keep it moving … You have truly expired me in my destiny with God…

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  • Loretta Smith

    Deitrick, please tell me when you are coming out with a new movie. I done just about wore the images off this one. I loved it, and can’t wait for the next one. This movie was about as real as it gets for believers. Thanks.