September 29th, 2010 | By QGODFEAR

Banca D'K , QGODFEAR , D'Cristo

LISTEN to the NEW SINGLE Titled “OLHOS EM MIM” aka “IT’S ALL ON ME” which features QGODFEAR & Rappers BANCA D’K & D’CRISTO. Please Listen to this International Smash Single Below rapped in Portuguese and English. This track serves as another window into just how large and universewide the body of Christ is. “OLHOS EM MIM” aka “IT’S ALL ON ME” is an anthem to all Christians Worldwide to accept their calling to preach the Gospel boldly, By Any Means Necessary!

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    Good Lookin Out! Thanks for the Visit!! God Bless

  • Peace all fam,

    Respect and love from Brazil.
    Thanx for your feat on this sound. Great!

    God continues blessing you and your ministry!


  • I had heard Obama quote something similar when talking about the differences in opinion between he and former-primary-competitor, now running mate, Joe Biden. He said that he wanted to surround himself with people other than yes-men, so he could hear and debate thoughts different from his own.

    • admin

      Obama is in the “Puppet Post” dangling from the strings of the Tri-Lateral Commission, Bildeberg and the Illuminati. He is a key piece put in place to bring about NEW WORLD ORDER! May God have Mercy on their Souls.

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